Saturday, March 15, 2008

Miks Simonetti: HAZY HOUSE mix direct link

Some of you have asked for a direct link to the
HAZY HOUSE mix that i did for Pilooski's
blog. I think they update their blog a little
more regular that i do ;)
here it is for you

    Gaƫtan said...

    Got both mixes on Finki as usual. 'Italians' sound is much enjoyed in Paris now. Mike, as we know most of Pilooski's tracks, would you edit your tracklist? HAZY HOUSE is just staggering.

    Christos said...

    What about the tracklists for both mixes?

    guillermo said...

    hey there,
    just a quick precision : the emotional rescue mix is not from pilooski but dirty sound system
    cheers from paris

    Paul said...

    I don't know if this was intentional or not, but at 30-something minutes in when the short dialogue starts about Funky Rhythms, the whole mix slides to the left speaker only for that track until the next song is mixed in. There's also a lot of cell phone static between like :42 and :44. On the positive side, it's a great mix, better than the previous Pilooski one. =P

    Italians Do It Better said...

    hell yea! the cell phone static is because i mixed it live while on the phone! duh! no computers used. one take, etc...

    comegettothis said...

    haha was wondering why my phone didnt ring but static in headphones!!!

    sweet mix.