Thursday, December 30, 2010

Chromatics "Circled Sun" free download

Photobucket You may have noticed the vinyl of Night Drive was missing the track "Circled Sun" on the download card. Here is the track for free download for everyone. We will keep it up for a few weeks then take it down, so download it fast!!! Chromatics "Circled Sun" by mike simonetti

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


this NYE is going to be awesome. Me and Chris Burns (aka M+C)
are djing together in DC at the Bohemian Caverns/LIV/Hominy
11th & U WASH DC. get tickets early as it is almost sold out.

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    UPDATE: Just heard from the venue the NYE gig is SOLD OUT.

    Wednesday, December 15, 2010


    hello. Thanks everybody for all the orders. Color vinyl of Night
    Drive flew out the door, and sold out in under 3 days. We are
    also all caught up on orders for the most part, unless you
    ordered within the last 2 days. Weare happy with the new mail
    system and havent had any more mail issues. also we are running
    dangerously low on a few titles so if you need to stock up better
    do so soon: TERMINAL TWILIGHT 7", NITE JEWEL (both 12"S),
    and pretty much all the t-shirts. we have under 6 of every shirt
    in every size left. these will not be repressed
    so better move fast! also the T&K 12" sold out last week out of the
    blue. just an idea as to how fast stuff sells out! ;)

    Thursday, December 02, 2010

    Mike has a Soundcloud


  • check it out... ton of free exclusive downloads for edits
    and mixes and all that stuff. he just put up a mix and
    another exclusive edit, both free for download.
    Mike Simonetti live at Rubulad summer 2010 by mike simonetti
    SPEEDBOAT CHASE (Mike Simonetti edit) by mike simonetti

    many people are asking how to hear about new ltd IDIB stuff
    before it hits the blog. if you want to be the first to hear
    about ltd IDIB stuff like color vinyl and limited edition
    warehouse finds, Mike usually tweets/facebooks about
    it first for the diehard followers, so follow him on his
    personal facebook or twitter to get dibs on stuff.


  • Mikes personal facebook

  • and finally, the Chromatics Night Drive 2lp is almost all sold
    out on color vinyl. we were slammed with orders yesterday.
    over a hundred orders came in within a few hours. thanks for
    all your support! we should have all the mail out by the end
    of next week.

    Wednesday, December 01, 2010



    Celebrating the long awaited vinyl release of Night

    Drive ... We have the "Night Drive" 2xLp & "In The

    City" Lp together in a bundle for only $20. Over 115

    minutes of music on three discs of vinyl. As an

    added bonus, the first 100 mail orders get their

    copies of "Night Drive" on Delicious Raspberry

    Vinyl (Record 1), & Royal Blue Vinyl (Record 2).

    They are going fast ... So hurry!

    Also...we were able to get a few shirts from the

    band on their way to Europe last week.

    And for all the diehards out there we have about 25

    copies of the newest Mike Simonetti edit 12". only

    300 were made of that one and its already sold out.