Monday, March 24, 2008

Italians in Australia / New Zealand

We are transmitting from scenic New Zealand. After almost
a full day of flying, we are ready to play gigs.. here's
our schedule. check out the internetz for all our afterparties
in Australia as there will be many...


Glass Candy/ CSS / Mike Simonetti dj
Venue-the King Arms
Date-March 25th and 26th

March 26th
afterparty with Mike Simonetti on the wheels
of steel



Glass Candy / Mike Simonetti dj
City - Sydney
Venue - Oxofrd Arts Factory
Date - March 28

Glass Candy (dance stage)
Mike Simonetti (dance tent)
Venue-V Festival

Glass Candy (dance stage)
Mike Simonetti (dance tent)
City-Gold Coast
Venue-V Festival

Glass Candy, Mike Simonetti
City - Melbourne
Venue - The Toff
Date - April 3

Mike Simonetti djing w/Munk and Gang Bang djs
City - Melbourne
Date-April 4th

Glass Candy (dance stage)
Mike Simonetti (dance tent)
Venue-V Festival
Date-April 5th

Saturday 5th April from 8pm - AFTERPARTAY
The Late Show presents: MIKE SIMONETTI (Italians Do It Better - NYC) 4-8 am
Support: Ransom, Neil Stafford, Raph Boogie, Paz, Nick Thayer
Revolver Upstairs
229 Chapel St
Prahran 3181

Glass Candy (dance stage)
Mike Simonetti (dance tent)
Venue-V Festival
Date-April 6th

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


hiya. a few things... firstly i am in the middle of moving my house
so i packed a lot of my records, thus i cant get you a track listing
for the HAZY HOUSE mix. i would probably keep most titles
secret anyways! its all house music from 1987-1993. look out
for part two in the summer.

new italians releases will be here in 2.5 weeks, BUT the Italians
staff will be on tour in Australia/New Zealand so they will have to wait
until we get back. BUT our distributor will have them for shops while
we are gone.. also, the t-shirts are pretty much sold out except for
size YOUTH LARGE and YOUTH MEDIUM- in which we have about 4 left.
thanks for all the support. we LOVE YOU!!!

look for dates in a few days, while we are gone i will try to keep an
Italians tour blog from the road if i remember.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Miks Simonetti: HAZY HOUSE mix direct link

Some of you have asked for a direct link to the
HAZY HOUSE mix that i did for Pilooski's
blog. I think they update their blog a little
more regular that i do ;)
here it is for you
  • Friday, March 14, 2008

    The great Franco-Italian mix swap of 2008!

    It seems everyone and their dog has an edit label
    these days, and although it may not necessarily be
    a good thing- we should all be thankful for the
    Dirty Edits guys from France. They are one of the
    good guys making original edits and taking songs you
    may never have even thought of and turning them into
    killer dancefloor fillers. I had the pleasure
    of djing with Pilooski in London a few months ago, and
    although we were both morbidly ill with some sort of
    monster British swamp flu- we both survived and had a
    great time. He's one of my new favorite djs, and co-runs
    one my favorite record labels AND blogs. Not too shabby.

    A few months ago they asked me to do a mix for their blog,
    but i proposed a mix swap, because their records run
    deep, and i wanted to hear what they had up their sleeve.
    Their mix is entitled EMOTIONAL RESCUE, and its a fluid
    mix of tracks that perfectly sums of the Dirty experience.

  • Photobucket

    AND for those interested in hearing my mix entitled HAZY HOUSE
    you can get it
  • HERE

  • Tuesday, March 04, 2008

    ITALIANS IN SPACE! (and at 205 Club)

    hello. Anton and Edvin from TIEDYE are in town
    this week. Tonight you can catch Anton djing live
    on Beats In Space (it will be archived forever).
    After they play the radio show they will head
    over to 205 Club to dj (downstairs). be sure
    to come down!!!!