Friday, March 14, 2008

The great Franco-Italian mix swap of 2008!

It seems everyone and their dog has an edit label
these days, and although it may not necessarily be
a good thing- we should all be thankful for the
Dirty Edits guys from France. They are one of the
good guys making original edits and taking songs you
may never have even thought of and turning them into
killer dancefloor fillers. I had the pleasure
of djing with Pilooski in London a few months ago, and
although we were both morbidly ill with some sort of
monster British swamp flu- we both survived and had a
great time. He's one of my new favorite djs, and co-runs
one my favorite record labels AND blogs. Not too shabby.

A few months ago they asked me to do a mix for their blog,
but i proposed a mix swap, because their records run
deep, and i wanted to hear what they had up their sleeve.
Their mix is entitled EMOTIONAL RESCUE, and its a fluid
mix of tracks that perfectly sums of the Dirty experience.

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    AND for those interested in hearing my mix entitled HAZY HOUSE
    you can get it
  • HERE


    Ben said...

    How come your mix on their blog is a .wma file?

    early boxer said...

    dope. it's all dope...
    any possibilty of playlists for the "emotional rescue" and "hazy house" mixxxxes?