Sunday, May 31, 2009


hello. sorry for the lack of updates on here- been busy with
recording, preparing for tour, preparing for the Itlians UK
party (more on that soon), celebrating birthdays,
mowing the lawn, etc... but we're back with tours,
new records (more on that soon as well!) and news...

due to the overwhelming amount of people looking for a
nonexistent Desire myspace page...they finally made one
last night. just in time for them to catch their morning
flights out of montreal with glass candy. both bands are
in the air right now on their way for three weeks in europe.
i am meeting them in london & paris. it's going to be insane.
most of the official Desire lp is up on their myspace page now.
plus some unreleased 4 track cuts. the desire lp is done being
mastered, and on it's way to the pressing plant. we should
have these in the store in a little over a month. but in the
meantime check out the page for dates and keep them
company...they only have 12 friends right now because
they accidently deleted tom.


    Jun 3 2009 BABEL Malmo Sweden
    Jun 4 2009 BLA Oslo
    Jun 5 2009 DISTORTION FESTIVAL Copenhagen
    Jun 6 2009 DEBASER Stockholm
    Jun 11 2009 KOKO LONDON IDIB FEST! w/ Lindstrom
    Jun 13 2009 LE REGINE Paris IDIB FEST PARIS!
    Jun 18 2009 Frankfurt
    Jun 19 2009 Berlin
    Jun 20 2009 INSIDE A ROMANIAN CASTLE Busteni

    june 11 UK Italians festival GC, DESIRE, LINDSTROM, MIKE
    june 13 PARIS italians festival, GC, DESIRE, MIKE Le Regine
    june 17 San Francisco @ vessel
    june 18- Los Angeles @ tba
    june 19 mexico city @ Swine Flu
    june 20 mexico monterrey @ Swine Flu Annex
    july 3rd UK tba
    july 4th london @ cargo

    Thursday, May 21, 2009

    Mike S. is djing in Chicago this weekend

    Celebrate Memorial Day with me in Chicago this weekend.
    I will be djing at SmartBar on Sunday May 24. Dont forget
    Monday is Memorial Day so everyone is off work, so come
    on out. hit me up for a guest list spot or come before 11pm
    when its free entry.

    Monday, May 18, 2009

    New Tiedye & Rune Lindbaek edit for you

    Check this obscure Swedish rock edit out by IDIB superstars
    Tiedye and fellow Scandinavian genius Rune Lindbaek.
  • Niklas Str√∂mstedt - Om (Tiedye/Lindbaek-edit)
  • Friday, May 15, 2009


    check the store because we got some more books for you all.
    hurry! supplies are limited!! ! !

    Tuesday, May 12, 2009

    Mike Simonetti's Edit of Benny

    Heres an edit of Benny And The Jets I did on
    cough syrup and Nyquil on a sick day. I dont
    even remember doing this. I kept it exactly as
    i found it- no touch ups! Thus continuing the
    Italians Do It Better quest to give all our music
    away for free..................
    Benny And The Jets (Mike Simonetti's dub version)
  • download wav
  • download mp3
  • The Disco Files (sold out)

    hello. thanks for your enthusiasm about the Disco
    FIles book. We are sold out! Since its an expensive
    import we are not sure if we should re-order more.
    If the demand is there , of course we will get more,
    as we want to support the people who released it...
    (not to mention its a great book.) The question I
    am asking is- should we re-order the book? Is there
    any more interest? Please leave comments in the post
    and let us know if you want us to order one for you.
    They are over $30 each in case you were wondering.
    I know times are tough and we really appreciate
    the support!
    ps: our webmaster didnt take it out of the store
    yet- please dont order it!! we dont have any left!
    ignore the fact that its in the store!

    Tuesday, May 05, 2009

    THE DISCO FILES 1973-78

    hello. we are proud to announce that as of today we
    have copies of THE DISCO FILES in our store. This is
    by far the best book on the early days of disco i have
    ever read. It was written by Vince Aletti, who was the
    first person to cover the NYC disco scene. This is
    his memoir, and it contains stories, charts & photos.
    The charts are from clubs all over the world from
    regional djs of the day. At 484 pages long, this is no
    joke! Its a must for anyone who is a fan of Italians
    or dance music in general. A great book to learn
    from. Seriously, i've been waiting for this for years!
    Thank our friends at for this one...
    It is imported from the UK so it is slightly more
    expensive but it is worth every penny. Plus you
    are supporting a micro indie label with a huge
    undertaking which is this book.

    Mike Simonetti djing in Miami this weekend

    hello. I will be djing in Miami this weekend (and
    posting in the 1st person on this blog). Come
    check it out...

    The Vagabond 30 NE 14th St. Miami, FL USA

    book your flights now! you only have a few

    Sunday, May 03, 2009


    hey everybody,
    we just got turned on to two really crazy blogs this week. one has alot of the old glass candy demos, 7"s, tour cds, etc... from 1999-2006. and one has old chromatics cdrs 2003-2006. these lists aren't complete discographies. but they are some of the really hard to find recordings from two of our favorite bands. everyone has been asking us to reissue these for a while now, but we felt like giving them away instead. we just hadn't gotten around to posting them yet. so these guys beat us to it! they are 100% approved by there's no need to feel like your killing the music industry by downloading these. feel free to spread the word. we have no control over these blogs and aren't sure how long the links will be good for. these tracks were only ever intended to be sold at shows on an extremely limited format. enjoy!
  • G/L/A/S/S/C/A/N/D/Y