Sunday, March 29, 2009

here is a Jackson 5 edit for you

This is a Jackson 5 edit done by Italians
Do It Better's own Mike Simonetti... free
for you all to do whatever you do with
these things. Will post more soon, and
will also post some of the edits from the
Albuterol mix...
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  • Saturday, March 28, 2009



    We are back in action after a short rest...

    Italians Do It Better visits Istanbul.
    We are throwing our first ever party in
    Istanbul Turkey THIS WEEKEND! 4/4/09.
    We are adding our comrades from Horse
    Meat Disco as well. Please come one and

    Glass Candy LIVE
    Mike Simonetti dj (Italians honcho)
    Filthy Luca dj (Horse Meat Disco)

    at Otto Santral Istanbul. This goes all
    night. Mike is flying in a day early to play
    a small club so if you want to hear deep
    shit all night go there as well! Just ask
    around they will tell you.

    Thursday, March 26, 2009


    April 20th, 2009 /// Twisted Wires 12"
    & Desire Cd Release Party! It's been a
    while since we've thrown a party in
    San Francisco. So we're hooking up
    with Popscene to throw a big one at
    the Mezzanine two days after Glass
    Candy hits Coachella. We're flying out
    Twisted Wires from Houston for the
    release of their new 12" "One Night At
    The Raw Deal". We can't get enough of
    this song! They played their first show
    a couple weeks ago with Nite Jewel &
    Glass Candy at the NYC party, and they
    completely slaughtered. This will be their
    second show. The San Francisco show is
    also the cd release party for Desire's
    debut album. Desire is one of our new
    bands from Montreal. The three piece
    includes Johnny & Natty from a little
    band we love called Chromatics with
    Montreal singer Megan Louise. They
    are touring with Glass Candy on the
    way down to Coachella. And also doing
    a month in Europe with Glass Candy in
    May / June. We are so excited to see
    them live! Their new cd is on constant
    rotation. We'll have both of these two
    releases in the store a couple days after
    the party.

    More info on the SF party in a week or so.
    Also the last time we were SF Mike had to
    leave the gig to witness the birth of his son,
    so it is indeed a triumphant return. As
    far as we know, there will be no baby born
    that day...

    coming very soon: tons of new shirts...Photobucket

    Monday, March 23, 2009

    Mike Simonetti : African Connection mix

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    Since I have some downtime this month and I
    finally got the studio together (after a year)
    i decided to do a mix. This one is called African
    Connection and it is mostly African disco lps and
    45's mixed with some Caribbean and Jamaican
    tunes in there for good measure. no real mixing
    here, just kicking back and fading in and out for
    maximum early Spring vibes, so dont expect
    a dj spectacular here- its all about the
    selection. As a matter of fact, this mix was
    done while playing with the big man on the
    floor-- true multitasking. Anyone who can
    guess these tracks will get any three Italians
    releases of their choice. This one's gonna be
    a little tougher than the Albuterol mix!

  • African Connection
  • Mike djing in Brooklyn Tuesday

    i will be djing this Tuesday in Brooklyn
    for Andrew (literallyandrew.blogspot,com)
    Porter's "I Hate Mondays" event. Since he
    is at my house all the time he was sick of
    all my disco records, so he requested i
    play all post punk. i am pretty sure i
    wont play any hits like Delta 5. So if you
    want to see me play $300 DIY 7"s- now is
    your chance. I am also playing with Matt
    from Total Abuse who wont do a TMU
    record because im the old guy at the club.
    Not only is this the best name of a party ever,
    it may be the best flyer ever. Photobucket

    Sunday, March 22, 2009

    Friday, March 20, 2009

    big shout out to Tiedye

    i was cleaning house and i found this record which i
    thought i lost when the airport lost my records...
    but alas, its still here and all is well. A true Qlint
    record if there ever was one!


    hello.. sorry we've been so distant from you
    these days. been busy recording. living lives,
    etc.. but we are doing a lot touring, djing
    and record releasing next month onward.

    if you are overseas you may notice your
    shipping rates are very high. you may be over-
    charged. the reason is because the IDIB store
    Paypal account links to the USPS website and
    it automatically calculates shipping, but
    it tends to overcalculate when you order
    more than two records. SO if you order
    anything and the shipping is insanely high,
    email us when you get the package and we
    refund the difference. thanks for the

    Wednesday, March 11, 2009

    now i've done it...

    i started a twitter account. perfect for the airports and
    supermarket lines. here it is:

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  • Monday, March 09, 2009

    IDIB weekend round up

    Thanks to everyone who came out on Saturday to the
    Italians End Of Winter Party. It sold out pretty fast,
    and we are sorry to all who couldnt get inside. We
    were told there was a line of a few hundred trying
    to get in. We are already brainstorming for the next
    party, and we promise it wont be 2 years from now,
    and we will be able to fit more than 850 of you
    maniacs next time. In the meantime, buy your
    plane tickets for the Italians Spring Party in Portland
    in April!

    Wednesday, March 04, 2009

    guest list spots for the Guggenheim

    hello. i have a few guest list spots for
    the Guggenheim.
    if you want in let me know via email:

  • we wont have any spots for the IDIB gig
    in NYC. it filled up fast!


    i'm out of spots! sorry!

    Tuesday, March 03, 2009


    Hello. A little reminder that this weekend is the
    Italians Do It Better winter 2k9 party in NYC
    at Le Poison Rouge. Tickets are selling fast!
    Also Mike will be djing at the Guggenheim
    Museum in NYC this Friday as part of their
    First Fridays series. check below for the flyer
    for the party.. Also Glass Candy is playing
    two warm up shows in Montreal this week.
    Take a plane out there and check it out!

    Monday, March 02, 2009

    New record of note in the Italians store


    Sorry i've been away, my other record label just
    released 5 records. They are all cool, check them
    out. Anyway, we usually dont get this excited over
    a record because we are your typical jaded American,
    but when I heard this was finally released I was
    quite excited. Our friends at Academy Records in
    Brooklyn started a new record label for reissues
    and their first release is the only release by African
    funk/soul/afrobeat/psych group Ofege. They were
    all high school age at the time. This record has that
    special something only a group of students can
    bring to the table. We here at IDIB are insane record
    nerds as you may have guessed, and i actually have
    the original of the Oferge lp but it is trashed beyond
    belief. If you know anything about African records,
    you know it is impossible to find them clean. This
    reissue is crystal clear. Looks and sounds amazing.
    The music is fuzzed out psych-influenced Afrobeat.
    If you are a dj, it is definitely good to play out. If
    you are a record collector you will be stoked that
    there is a clean pressing. If you like to listen to
    good music and appreciate the music for what it
    is- this is definitely a good one. Pretty limited
    as well... Check out samples
  • here

  • Also, we have 2 copies of the Try To Find Me
    12" left in the store on Golf Channel. Hurry up
    because they are going fast!

    And finally, the Italians Winter 2k9 party is right
    around the corner! all NYC people better come
    and represent! The party is almost sold out through
    pre-sales so hurry up and get your tickets!