Tuesday, October 27, 2009

new BOTTIN mix FOR you

Bottin did a new mix for your listening pleasure. Was
supposed to post this last week sorry!!!
Disco For The Family by bottin

DJING THIS WEEKEND: Berlin, Moscow, Athens, many airports

im back on the plane tomorrow.. heading back to meet up with
the Italians family on their traveling circus. email me if you want
the location of the secret Berlin gig. Do you celebrate Halloween
in Greece?

THURSDAY OCT 29 Berlin @ Secret Location w/ Desire & Glass Candy
FRIDAY OCT 30 Moscow @ Solyanka w/ Desire and Glass Candy
SATURDAY OCT 31 Athens Greece @ Bios w/ Desire and Glass Candy

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

FRANCE and BRUSSELS this weekend

this weekend be sure to come out to the party.
Book a flight to Brussels and France, its not too
late! Glass Candy, Desire and Mike will be playing.

OCTOBER 22 Cologne @ King Georg (GC and Desire)
OCTOBER 23 Paris @ Social Club (GC, Desire, Mike)
OCTOBER 24 Brussels @ Libertine Supersport (GC, Desire, Mike)


along with the T&K 12" we also have a new Italians shirt
in the store. Printed on black American Apparel shirt.
We made 50 shirts so hurry up! Our shirts don't last
long, so when you order the T&K 12" dont forget to
add a shirt! We are selling this shirt at a nice price of
$10 in an effort to keep our prices as low as possible,
because we appreciate all of your support! THANX!

T&K "Mucho Swash" 12" out now!!

NOW AVAILABLE in the store: T&K "Mucho Swash"
12". DJ Kaos has been down with the crew for a
while now. When he sent us his new project with
Tiago called T&K, we were totally down for a release.
100% club approved guitar driven house. check
their Myspace for sound samples:
  • T&K
  • We also added a cool distribution item or 2 in
    limited quantities. check the store.
    DJ KAOS will be in North America as well:
    22nd Nyc Mercer Hotel
    23rd Toronto with Jaime
    24th Nyc Von + Loft House BK in the morning
    25th San Francisco with Jacob.
    28th- 31st west coast

    Monday, October 19, 2009

    Remember when Michael Jackson died? (EDIT DUMP ALERT)

    ...Seems like it was only a few months ago.. Oh wait- it
    was a few months ago. This little ditty was composed the
    afternoon he died while watching CNN footage and the
    little man took his afternoon nap.

    Michael Jackson "Get On The Floor"
    ('Larry King Live' version):
    Michael Jackson "Get On The Floor" (Mike's Larry King Live version) by italiansdoitbetter
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  • Saturday, October 17, 2009

    Monday, October 12, 2009

    back on Beats In Space

    hello. in an effort to keep content on this blog
    i am posting that i will be djig on Beats In Space
    tomorrow. i hear its a pretty cool radio show.
    you should check it out. I'll be playing mostly
    weird left-field dance music tomorrow revolving
    around post punk/synth and artsy fartsy dance

    the reason we have been so slow to update is
    due to constant traveling/touring. Look out
    for a new 12" in a few days added to the store,
    as well as some other stuff like more shirts.
    keep an eye out for glass candy/desire on tour
    of europe in the upcoming months. Ill be
    joining in for the fun on the weekends as i
    have to hold it down at home during the week.

    keeping the post punk theme going:

    Friday, October 02, 2009

    BEN MANZONE has better taste in music than all of us

    my man Ben Manzone just started a podcast. Some of the
    best tracks around. seriously....
    check it out:

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