Thursday, April 30, 2009

DESIRE tour demo CD & T-SHIRTS - -- -- - OUT NOW

Ever since desire hit the west coast last week, people
have been going crazy leaking their demo cd left and
right... which we don't mind. but now there are four
different versions of this demo floating around on the
internet. the reason for this is that johnny was editing
and remixing the tracks on tour. and with the hectic
schedule of coachella, portland, san francisco,
vancouver etc... desire wanted to wait until they got
back to montreal to finish the lp. this version of the
demo has 7 tracks. this is the demo cd they were
selling at those shows. we made a few extras for
the IDIB blog die-hards at a special low price as a
special "thanks" for all the support and downloads.
so dont pay ebay prices!!! buy it here!

we only have 100 copies for the store, then they are
out of print until the album comes out in june.
plus this has a different mix so this is definitely an
exclusive cdr! This cd features johnny and natty from
chromatics with montreal singer megan louise. beautiful
pop! desire hits europe for three weeks with glass candy
in june. and if you got a chance to see them on the
west coast, you know how sick this is.

Desire - track listing


ALSO, we unearthed three Glass Candy t-shirts
designs from their tours last year. The band likes
to make special shirts for each tour, so some of these
were only sold in certain regions or countries.
So now is your chance to grab some of you feel so
inclined. We have a very small amount of each. If
a size isnt listed in the store that means someone
beat you to it and it is sold out..

also, we only have one copy left of the Ofege lp then
its gone forever. The label is sold out as well. highly


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Edit Schmedit

Hello. Coachella and San Francisco were awesome!
Thanks for coming out. It was really great.

Here is a Harry Nilsson edit for you. This one would
make Frank Vincent proud. Dont take this too seriously.
I never do. I'll post more edits soon...

Harry Nilsson "Jump In The Fire"
-Mike Simonetti's " Watching Helicopters and
Tomato Sauce All Day edit"
  • Jump In The Fire mp3
  • Jump In The Fire wav
  • Thursday, April 16, 2009

    Italians post-Coachella Spring party in San Fran...

    Italians are heading to San Francisco this upcoming week for
    a killer Post Coachella party. The party is on a Monday night
    (you know, post Coachella).. There are no advance tickets
    for sale, so get there early as it will probably sell out.

    Also this is the San Francisco debut of Desire and Twisted

    Monday, April 13, 2009

    DESIRE track leak!

    Hello. This weekend in Portland was awesome.
    Thanks for the support and sorry to all who
    couldnt get in. If you were there hopefully
    you saw Desire in their Portland debut. They
    blew the doors off the place. It was definitely
    something special. All you San Francisco people
    hurry up and get your tickets now for this
    weekend's Italians Do It Better post-Coachella
    party where Desire will make their California
    debut alongside Glass Candy and the California
    debut of Twisted Wires. Its gonna be an
    amazing night at the Mezzanine.

    Here is the first of what we hope to be a long
    line of leaks for Italians artists. We are going
    to periodically leak a track or 2 for a limited time
    then take the link down. The first leak is the
    lead single from Desire (just in time for
    the Mezzanine gig). i am going to take the
    link down before i get on the plane this weekend
    for San Francisco. I hope you love it as much
    as we do. Also if you got the Desire cd last
    weekend (or this upcoming weekend) you
    may notice is it missing a few tracks. We
    rushed to make a demo to sell at shows so
    we made a small amount with the original
    artwork, but with only 5 songs. So if you
    want a limited cd you better get it at the Sf
    show! We dont have many left!

    Anyway, here is the Desire track:
  • Desire "If I Cant Hold You"- download AIFF
  • Desire "If I Cant Hold You"- download MP3
  • Wednesday, April 08, 2009

    Twisted Wires 12" out now

    check the IDIB store for the Twisted Wires 12"
    that is officially available for sale. In case you
    missed them in NYC they blew the doors off
    the place. They are a true force to be reckoned
    with. check out their myspace if you like:
  • HERE
  • If you like the Chromatics and Joy Division
    you will definitely like Twisted Wires. Some
    next level shit here! As with all Italians records,
    this one it limited. And you better hurry on the
    Botin and Nite Jewel, they are going fast!

    Tuesday, April 07, 2009


    i posted this on our brother blog (alainfinkel)
    but i think the world needs to hear this because
    it is so great. this remix is very low key and
    doesnt go with all the bells & whistles. plus
    its one of my favorite Bruce Springsteen songs.
    This always gets the old "what song is this?"
    treatment when i play it out. Enjoy the Spring.

    Bruce Springsteen Tougher Than The Rest- Martin Vogel edit
  • tuff

  • Well It's Saturday night
    you're all dressed up in blue
    I been watching you awhile
    maybe you been watching me too
    So somebody ran out
    left somebody's heart in a mess
    Well if you're looking for love
    honey I'm tougher than the rest

    Some girls they want a handsome Dan
    or some good-lookin' Joe on their arm
    Some girls like a sweet-talkin' Romeo
    Well 'round here baby
    I learned you get what you can get
    So if you're rough enough for love
    honey I'm tougher than the rest

    The road is dark
    and it's a thin thin line
    But I want you to know I'll walk it for you any time
    Maybe your other boyfriends
    couldn't pass the test
    Well if you're rough and ready for love
    honey I'm tougher than the rest

    Well it ain't no secret
    I've been around a time or two
    Well I don't know baby maybe you've been around too
    Well there's another dance
    all you gotta do is say yes
    And if you're rough and ready for love
    honey I'm tougher than the rest
    If you're rough enough for love
    baby I'm tougher than the rest

    Monday, April 06, 2009


    all caps mean super important post! this weekend
    is the Spring Italians party at Rotture in Portland.
    Last time we did this in Portland it sold out so be
    sure to get there early. There is also an afterparty
    at the same place as the last time in which i will
    be playing all the music you know and love.