Thursday, July 26, 2007


Mike Simonetti will be djing in the immediate future, and
GLASS CANDY will be on the east coast playing shows!!! :

Wednesday July 25 on WFMU on the Small Change variety hour. 2-5am.

Friday August 3rd at Rubulad in Brooklyn from 2:30-6am
(email me for infos)

Friday August 10 at Studio B in Brooklyn (Glass Candy playing as well)

Saturday August 11 at PS1 Warmup in LI City, Queens , with
Glass Candy. (part of the Italians Do It Better "coming out party".)
Lovefingers is our special guest. check the site:

Saturday August 11 - PS1 / GLASS CANDY AFTERPARTY at Union Pool in Brooklyn. with your DJs, Mike Simonetti and special guest Johnny from Glass Candy as well. midnight-4am. FREE.

Saturday August 18th - Mike Simonetti djing at Union Pool Brooklyn 10-4.

also keep your ears peeled for a secret glass candy show in
brooklyn as part of Andrew Porters bday celebration with yrs
truly on the wheels of steel. the party will be happening on
a roof in industrial Greenpoint. email me if
you wanna come. shhhhh. dont tell noone.

Monday, July 23, 2007


Santana's classic lineup comes full circle at
Woodstock. THey totally obliterate 300,000
people while jamming Soul Sacrifice.
Everyone cites then 19 year old Michael Shrieve's
infamous drum solo as a high point of the
performance. Indeed , the guy can shred.
The entire song just blows open doors.
Santana was a road heavy band, and it shows. They
are simply superior musicians. In the movie,
Sly And The Family Stone plays immediately after
Santana, and as much as i like Sly Stone, theres
just no comparingthe two. Its just that good.

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Check out Santana shredding up Ed Sullivan in 1969.
A KILLER medley of Persuasion and Jingo. HEAVY. Hard
to think this was 1969.

..and a good live version


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This record flew under the radar when it was released,
and soon after it was released Buckingham and Nicks
joined Fleetwood Mac, and the rest is history- as they
say. The record was pretty much forgotten, and to this
day hasn't even seen a cd release. But who cares about
cds anyway- its a dying medium...
The track FROZEN LOVE is my current favorite. The build-up

so to this day it remains unavailable. You can track down
the vinyl if you look hard enough. I suggest you do.

you can download the record
  • here
  • Sunday, July 15, 2007

    Roma O' Morte

    back from Africa- i mean Italy. Its nice to visit
    the motherland. Hung out with Mirage in his deluxe
    studio on the resort island of Sardinia. We drank wine
    and ate cheeses until the night turned into day.
    Its hard to understand what he is saying thru his
    vocoder, but after a few drinks it was all good.

    SO did American Apparel copy the Italian Appeal
    logo? The mystery continues!

    mike's dj gigs /vinyl release news coming soon.
    also, due to overwhelming demand we are pressing
    the After Dark cd professional style for stores.
    More on that soon. BUT if you order from us
    direct you can get the special hand made version,
    which is much cooler, and VERY limited. the test
    pressings are here, and we expect vinyl in 2 weeks.

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    Friday, July 06, 2007

    Portland, Italy

    Portland was great. you all missed out on a great show.
    chromatics really stepped up their game. The new lineup
    is 100% solid. glass candy killed as usual. especially the
    Supernature cover. are live disco covers the new "edit"???
    off to Italy to hang out with Mirage for a week. i got an
    excellent gig at the foot of the Spanish Steps. cant wait!

    Will be back to update the blog in about 10 days so keep your ears
    peeled. New Italians 12"s test pressings are expected to
    arrive while i'm gone. i will be djing throughout the summer.
    maybe i'll post the dates if i can remember them... but
    at this juncture all i care about is fixing the leak in my
    roof and getting the dogs fed.