Monday, August 25, 2008


hello. remember that "content" i promised you? well...
here is a mix from Ben Manzone, one of my friends, and
highly underrated NYC dj. He does a monthly party called
FOREAL PEOPLE in Brooklyn. He also saw Vision Of Disorder
play a zillion times. You may have heard me play some of his
edits on my many travels through this great land of ours...

  • there you go

    "Do This World A Favor" MIX

    Track listing:
    Calender - Hypertension
    Jo.Boyer - Isabelle and The Rain
    Family Tree - Family Tree
    Black Ivory - What Goes Around (Comes Around)
    The Escorts - Make Me Over
    Tony Silvester - Cosmic Lady
    Carl Carlton - I Wanna Be With You
    The Masqueraders - Runaway Slave
    Members Only Edit
    Omar S - Oasis # 14
    Glenn Underground - Black Action
    Peven Everett - Take Away My Sunshine
    Armando - Don't Take It
    Omar S - Set It Out
    Three Chairs - Congo Mambo
    Erotic Drum Band - Jerky Rhythm
    People's Choice - Hey Everybody(Party Hardy)
    Kenix - There's Never Been No One Like You
    Family Underground - All We Have Is A Song
    Beres Hammond - Do This World A Favour
  • west coast and canada stuffs

    back on the fucking plane in 3 more days... Labor Day weekend.
    more info as it comes.

    Thu Aug 28 – Guatelinda - Los Angeles, CA (with Black Disco)
    Fri Aug 29 – Office Bar– San Diego, CA
    Sat Aug 30 – Theatre Telus – Montreal, QC (with Calvin Harris)
    Sun Aug 31 – Butterfly Social– Chicago, IL (with Farley ‘Jackmaster’ Funk)
    Mon Sept 1 – The Social – Toronto, ON

    Saturday, August 23, 2008

    Mike djing London Saturday August 23


    here i am in London. im playing me
    for guest list spots.

    Monday, August 18, 2008

    fabric flyer.jpg


    club life

    some very rare Mars footage from opening night- new years eve 88.
    i remember the giant DRUGS sign. nyc was a LOT different back then.

    Friday, August 15, 2008

    djing in London at Fabric this weekend


    i'll be djing London at Fabric this weekend, as well as sneaking on
    the wheels of steel at a few other gigs low key style this weekend.
    hit me up for infoz. this would be my third time in London this year.
    zoinks. i plan on going back again as well. i love london. pounds rule.

    Friday August 22nd - London at FABRIC - ROOM ONE
    with Erol Alkan , Pat Mahoney and Disco Bloodbath djs

    the following week i begin what appears to be a west coast excursion.

    jam of the day

    had to dig this out of my stuff when i moved because i love
    this record so much... yet another perfect summer jam.

    IDIB "state of the mailorder" update summer 2k8

    hello. so as you may or may not know, we moved from scenic
    jersey city to a much nicer area. when we moved we switched
    post offices (thank god). ever since we moved we have experienced
    something we havent experienced in a long time: efficiency.
    we feel this post office is a new beginning for us. some of you
    have emailed us surprised by the speed in which their mail
    arrived. we couldn't be happier. if there are any more issues
    with the mail email us. but i doubt there will be any more problems.

    also we have been receiving some returned mail thanks to the jersey
    city post office. many of you have received emails from us and we
    are returning what we have been sent back. that would be a few
    of the fabled "spring bundles"... remember that fiasco?

    anyway, we are running very low on tote bags and shirts, so if
    you want one i would order it soon. Those designs will not be
    made anymore after we run out of these. We are also down to the
    copies of the Farah 12" and IN THE CITY 12"... As you know we
    wont repress these, but they are available thru all of your
    favorite digital outposts if you so feel inclined.


    Wednesday, August 13, 2008

    baleric rap sumer jam

    freeway is one of the most underrated rappers in my
    opinion. this is an ultimate summer jam. i remember
    the summer it came out it was blasted from all the
    car stereos. from the golden age of pre-reggaeton.

    the instrumental version is hypnotic. the vocal version
    is sick and has some of my favorite freeway lyrics.
    angry shit about doing what it takes to feed his kids.
    seems to be the theme of the song. even a pre-
    corny Jay-Z makes an appearance.
    more lazy summer posting! gigs coming soon.

    vocal version

    Man if I get rocked, this shit for my kids nigga
    It's that real shit...
    We still hustle 'til the sun come up
    Crack a 40 when the sun go down
    It's a cold winter
    Y'all niggaz better bundle up
    And I bet it be a hotter summer, grab a onion
    Yes the ROC gets down, you hot now, listen up
    Don't you know cops' whole purpose is to lock us down?
    And throw away the key
    But without this drug shit your kids ain't got no way to eat, huh?
    We still try to keep Mom...smilin'...
    Cuz when the teeth stop showin' and the stomach start growlin'
    Then the heat start flowin'
    If you from the hood I know you feel me
    If a sneak start leanin' and the heat stop workin'
    Then my heat start workin' I'm-a rob me a person
    Catch a nigga sleepin' while he out in the open...and I'm-a get him
    We gotta raise our kids while we livin'
    Make a million off-a record bail my niggaz outta prison
    Fuck a Bentley or a Lexus just my boys in the squadder
    Nigga talk reckless then I hit 'em with the Smif 'n...
    But I'm never snitchin' I'm a rider
    If my kids hungry snatch the dishes out ya kitchen
    I'll be wylin' til they pick me outta line-up...
    We keep the nines tucked, chopped dimes up, rap about it
    Wyle out, fuck niggaz up, laugh about it
    I'm not tryin' to visit the morgue but Freeway move out 'til I sit with the Lord
    'Til I...get my shit together, clean up my sins
    Freeway got it in like 10 in the mornin'
    And I can get it to ya like 10 while you yawnin' mang...
    Still deliver the order mang!
    And I ain't talkin' bout chicken and gravy mang!
    I'm talkin' bout bricks 'o ye-yo, halves and quarters
    4 and a halves of hash you do the math
    Swing past us scoop up your daughter
    She wanna roll wit' a thug that rap, you do the math
    He won't blast 'til my stacks in order mang!
    ...MANG! Lemme get 'em Free
    Hove never slackin' mang, zippin' in the black Range
    Faster than the red ghost, gettin' ghost wit' Pac-Mang
    One-time know a got a knack to get that change
    Leader of the black gang, R-O-C mang
    Bang like T-Mac, ski mask air it out
    Gotta kill witnesses 'cause Free's beard's stickin' out
    Y'all don't want no witness shit, we squeeze hammers mang
    Bullets breeze by you, like Lousiana mang...
    But I gotta feed Tianna mang...
    So I move keys you can call me the Piano Man
    Rain...sleet, hail...snow man
    Slang dough, E, hydro man...
    [Beanie Sigel], B. Sige in the third lane
    Gramps still prayin' workin on my nerves man...
    Like, Son you gotta get your soul clean...
    Before they blow them horns like Coltrane...
    But still I cry tears of a hustler
    Wipe tears from my mother, pull out beers for her brothers...
    That's above us, make beds for the babies
    Tuck kids under covers, buy cribs for their mothers
    Shit I'll probably be wylin' with their fathers
    Tell Ms. Robert, tell Enijah that I'm ridin' for her father
    That's like my brother, like same mother different father
    Any problems dog know I got 'em
    And still we grind from the bottom
    Just to make it to the bottom sold crack in the alleyways
    Still gave back Marcy a Dollar Day
    Real gangstas make hood holidays
    They ain't thank us but we still paid homage mang
    Soul Food Sunday lookin' like Big Momma's mang
    Tell the gang I never break my promise mang...mang...unnh!

    Monday, August 11, 2008

    TIEDYE on the internet!

    hi. just a note to alert you of Tiedye's intenet

  • official website

  • Tiedye Myspace
  • more soon.

    Tuesday, August 05, 2008

    august gigs thus far for yours truly

    hello, here are some gigs that Mike Simonetti is djing
    this month of August 2008. Im taking it slow this summer
    to hang out with the little man as much as i can.
    More will be added, but this is what i can remember off the
    top of my head, , , , but to be honest im so tired that i cant
    remember anything!

    22- London @ Fabric Room One
    23- TBA

    28- Los Angeles
    29- San Francisco

    6- Brazil
    7- Brazil

    19- Washington DC
    20- Philadelphia

    Friday, August 01, 2008

    dog days of summer

    feelin lazy, not posting on my blog,hanging out with the
    little man. jamming: