Tuesday, August 05, 2008

august gigs thus far for yours truly

hello, here are some gigs that Mike Simonetti is djing
this month of August 2008. Im taking it slow this summer
to hang out with the little man as much as i can.
More will be added, but this is what i can remember off the
top of my head, , , , but to be honest im so tired that i cant
remember anything!

22- London @ Fabric Room One
23- TBA

28- Los Angeles
29- San Francisco

6- Brazil
7- Brazil

19- Washington DC
20- Philadelphia


Renee Restivo said...

Mike! I am so damn proud of you and happy for you! all these years, i always wanted to tell you that i was soooo sorry for that stupid water balloon fight. you were my first true love and i remember you always played good music when we used to kiss. these days, i'm on TV and radio a lot too (italian cooking and travel). take a look at my post on youtube:


i'll be featured on the travel channel in on oct 28th. drop me a line when you get a chance. i'm on facebook and you can google me when you get a chance.

let me know when you'll be in italy next.

..... said...

god your blog is funny !!! nice post by the way !!! did u enjoy playin with the two cougars ?

Ash said...

do you know where you are playing in SF yet?