Saturday, December 26, 2009

Here are your New Years Eve plans:


here are the New Years Eve plans you asked about.

If you live in San Francisco there is the IDIB NYE party
at the Rickshaw with Glass Candy and Desire. Get
your tickets early as it will sell out (if it hasnt already)

if you are in NYC Mike Simonetti will be playing his
annual NYE gig at Rubulad in Brooklyn from 10:30-
2:30 am. His set will be four hours, so get there
early to get the full effect. But seriously, it will a be
super great time on either coast. Rubulad is at a
secret location so hit me up for details on Myspace
or Twitter...

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

new mix from STEELE BONUS

Steele is one of the best djs in Australia possibly. We share
a lot of the same theories on music and djs and all that stuff.
Plus he clued me in on some tracks i never heard of, AND we
hung out at this record store with a wannabe comedian record
clerk... Pretty insane stuff. Anyway, we played together last
year on my first trip out there (or at least thats what they tell me).
Last time i was out there we hung out which was excellent. If
it wasnt for him i would have been stranded in Sydney for like
6 days all alone. so big props to Steele for real. This mix is
great- one of my favorites of this year methinks. Its all over
the place, just how i like it. enjoy the last mix of 2k9!
  • Steele Bonus presents: "Feel The Drive"
  • Saturday, December 19, 2009

    new mix from Simon/Baggy (Cosmic Disco)

    Last time i was in Manchester Simon took me
    record shopping to this awesome shop called
    Endless Music in Prestwich. The owners were
    really nice as well, which is rare... most record
    store guys are surly and unhappy with themselves.
    But this place yeilded many many returns in the
    form of super rare records. i mean SUPER rare,
    and very cheap! Ive been record shopping many
    times in my life but this was one of the best
    trips i've had in a while.. as a matter of fact,
    the next day i went shopping and got even
    more killer stuff in Manchester. So yea,
    Manchester is great for record shopping...
    ANYWAY, I told Simon he should do a mix for
    the IDIB blog with all the records he got in
  • Cosmic Disco online
  • Thursday, December 17, 2009

    DESIRE "If I Cant Hold You Tonight" 12" - OUT NOW!

    Now available for mailorder is the new Desire "If I Cant
    Hold You Tonight" 12". You may recognize the song from the
    Desire cd, but the song was re-done and extended to
    almost 9 minutes. Also included is a more stripped down
    version, acapella version and the original demo version
    from the cd. The new version is deeper, heavier, and
    crisper- perfect for the dancefloor or your headphones.
    This is our last release of the year, and quite possibly
    the best, so go out with a bang!

    Also we are running very low on some old back catalog
    titles, and we wont be repressing them, so grab them
    before they disappear!

    Tuesday, December 08, 2009

    Mike @ Zoukout 2009 Singapore this weekend

    hello. i assume you all got your plane tickets for this weekend's
    party in Singapore? I'll be playing Zoukout Festival in Singapore.
    The lineup this year is pretty insane and diverse. Looking forward
    to checking out some of the other djs on the beach, especially
    since its cold as hell in NYC...
  • Zoukout

  • Then I will come home and relax for a month before heading out
    to Europe and do it all over again. ALSO, New Years Eve 2009 I
    will be back at Rubulad in NYC as is the "tradition" of the last 5
    years or so. Because of my insane schedule i havent been able to
    play there since last New Years...

    +++ NEW GOLF CHANNEL 12"s , PINK STALLONE 12", mix, and edit

    check the IDIB store for some new items we are
    selling for our friends... we have the two new
    Golf Channel records, and you know they are both
    essential. We also have the debut 12" from New
    Jersey's own Pink Stallone. Seriously one of the
    freshest artists on the scene. Dont sleep on this
    one. We also have a new exclusive boogie-tastic
    mix and edit from Pink Stallone for you as
    a sort of promo for the new 12". Orders wont be
    shipped until next Wednesday but order now as
    they will sell out fast.
  • Pink Stallone mix
  • Hq Six Pink Stallone Radio Edit
  • Pink Stallone online
  • Pink Stallone Myspace
  • Monday, December 07, 2009

    Bottin interview on video

    our own Italian W. Bottin was interviewed for the
    excellent website check it out
    below. while you're at it, check out the rest of
    the site, theres some excellent content on there.
    We also learn how JAZZY William is!

    Bottin Interview (December '09) from Christopher Tubbs on Vimeo.

    check out HEADS DOWN

    Thursday, December 03, 2009


    here is a new Professor Genius mix exclusive for us for you.
    NYC people check him out djing at Treehouse in Brooklyn on
  • download HERE


    Raffaella Carra: Get Movin'
    Kano: Holly Dolly
    New Order: Subculture
    Professor Genius: sweet Machine (Templo 7")
    The New Company: Tomorrow (Instrumental)
    Cellophane: Gimme Love
    Eddy Grant: Time Warp
    Hunee: Cut Down Trees
    Bridge & Tunnel Kids: All Nite Drive Thru (unreleased)
    Arthur Russell: Treehouse
    Master Khan: Boy!
    Reese & Santonio: the Sound
    Professor Genius: Lord Of Flies (Templo 7")
    Tenderness: Got To Keep On Trying
    Bim Marx: Funky 2 Nite (unreleased)
    Chris & Cosey: Bust Stop

    Tuesday, December 01, 2009


    Photobuckethello. Bottin whipped this Raydio edit up for your
    downloading pleasure. JAM IT HERE:
    Raydio: When you're in need of a Bottin edit by bottin