Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Mike's PS1 mix - part 2 is up

pt 2 of my PS1 mix is up. i think pt 1 is coming up
soon as well... a true party set since it was a party
and all.
while your at it, Lovefingers set is
up there. you really need to hear it. its AWESOME.
  • here you go
  • Monday, October 29, 2007

    MIKE dj set from Shortbus radio show

    i djed on the Shortbus show thanks to Will, then hung out to
    shoot the shit with Duane Harriot as well. Killer times. Also,
    in case you are wondering, the Hot Chocolate song towards the end
    is currently my favorite song, so expect to hear it every time i
    dj. a little advanced warning... I go through phases with that
    song, but its safe to say its at the top currently. literally.

  • stream the radio show
  • download via sendspace

    Mike starts about halfway through, right after Professor Genius
    and before Glass Candy. But listen to the whole thing, its all

    grackle jungle (legowelt rmx) strange life
    fire, body, &ice liberation il discotto
    S and S wasting time unreleased
    new order 5-8-6 strange fruit
    file 13 taste so goo profile
    mantronix scream sleeping bag
    the hasbeens ain't the same as before
    peter jaques band fly with the wind prelude
    LF 1984 unreleased
    mandre iles dans l'espace motown
    space art watch it IF
    nacho patrol futuristic abbaba unreleased
    326 just like heaven muzique
    professor genius la grotta italians do it better

    MIKE SIMONETTI plays stuff
    glass candy check myspace to find out
    some mysterious Swedish edit courtesy of TIEDYE
    paul simpson connection treat me easy street
    north end kind of life west end
    chuck davis orchestra spirit of sunshine west end
    chromatics hands in the dark italians do it better
    funk masters love money siamese
    hot chocolate i just love what you're doing infinity
    MYSTERY African Disco TRACK #1
    MYSTERY African Disco TRACK #2

    guess the songs and get a sandwich.

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    Sunday, October 28, 2007

    Please welcome TIEDYE to the Italians Family

    Hello. Italians Do It Better is proud to welcome the
    band TIEDYE to the family. TIEDYE is from Gothenburg
    Sweden, and are not just a bunch of dudes with expensive
    computer programs playing dance music. They are an actual
    band that play live musics. Italians are releasing a 12"
    by TIEDYE in early 2008 entitled "Nothing" , which is a
    cover of the Metallica song "Nothing Else Matters".
    Trust me, the song RULES. We were blown out of seats
    when we heard this song. We may stream it soon for all
    of you to hear.

    In other news, the Professor Genius and Farah 12"s are
    almost sold out. We have a small amount left so order
    them fast! We repressed the Glass Candy and Chromatics
    12"s because the demand was so high. Thanks for the

    Coming soon: I-talians on I-tunes.

    Thursday, October 25, 2007

    Mikes dj gigs of note

    all info shall be updated if i remember to update it, etc.
    upcoming gig with Ashy Larry is just a rumor, BTW.


    October 29 (Monday) - East Village Radio on Shortbus radio programme 12-2 pm (archived online)

    October 31 (Wednesday)- Motherfucker Halloween party @ Rebel NYC

    November 3 (Saturday)- Glasslands Brooklyn @ "A Disco Special" party with tons of people

    November 13 (Tuesday) - 205 Club Manhattan w/ Jacques and crew

    November 30 (Friday)- Portland w/ Glass Candy

    November 31 (Saturday)- Seattle w/ Glass Candy

    December 14 (Friday)- Berlin

    December 15 (Saturday)- Berlin

    December 28 - Jan 1 New Years Eve in Scandanavia and surrounding territories

    Tuesday, October 23, 2007

    MIKE djing on Halloween night

    hello i'll be playing on Halloween night at
    MOTHERFUCKER in NYC at the club REBEL located
    at 251 W 30th street. please come? if you
    need a guest list spot hit me up (it will be
    expensive to get in).

    Tuesday, October 16, 2007

    Friday, October 12, 2007

    Mike djs in Sweden this weekend

    Mike Simonetti djing in Sweden this weekend.

    *** Friday October 19 - Stockholm @ China Theatre
    *** Saturday October 20 - Gothenburg @ Styrbord Babord
    @ Main Deck. w/ Anton from Tiedye!

    If you know me , you know how much i rave about
    Sweden being one of the best places on the planet,
    and if you've been there you know what i mean.

    so why not get a flight out and come hang!

    ALSO, soon we will have news of a new Italians
    signing (speaking of Sweden) !!!

    ill be giving away Italians t-shirts just
    like I did in the UK!

    Also Im djing MOTHERFUCKER on Halloween.

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    Tuesday, October 02, 2007

    CHROMATICS "In The City" 12" OUT NOW

    OUT NOW!!!

    Chromatics "In The City" 12" OUT NOW!!!!

    We also updated out bundle options so you can order
    all the Italians stuff at once and save some $$$$.

    Side One:
    1. In The City (extended version) 7:17
    2. In The City (zombie vocal) 2:47

    Side Two
    1. In The Headlites (extended version) 8:57
    2. I'm On Fire (crosstown) 4:07

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