Tuesday, October 16, 2007

CHROMATICS Nite Drive cd OUT NOW!!!!

CHROMATICS "Nite Drive" cd OUT NOW!!!!
    this cd is brilliant!!!

  • read what Pitchfork said about it
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    Pesce Ruspante said...

    People seem pretty sure that "Italians do it better"

    here's the data i collected.

    taniapocket said...

    Hello there,
    i've wrote an article on the Chromatics and their latest album (which i just adore) for l'Officiel Hommes, France.
    It's a very good article, no worry, but we need some high definition pics and the ones on myspace don't fit in this def for sure...
    Would you be kind enough tosend me an email taniabr@mac.com with deluxxe pictures so that we can print the whole thing ?
    Thanx so much &, even more, bravo for your work.
    (french) kisses

    Tania Bruna-Rosso - yes, my dad's italian.