Friday, August 21, 2009

OUT NOW ::: NITE JEWEL new 12" / GLASS CANDY shirts & totes

Hello from windy Melbourne. As promised we have
available a brand new NITE JEWEL 12" (with a beautiful
full color cover) and some more Glass Candy tour leftovers.
These are from earlier in the year, specifically the Euro
tour they embarked upon. When i saw these designs i
knew they would be a hit. They went over so well we
made a few extras for the people who couldnt make it
to the gigs. Check the store for these awesome titles.

As usual we have a very small number of these shirts
and totes! In other news, the GETO BOYS t-shirts are
almost all gone. When last checked we were down to
4 of each size. As far as shirts are concerned, the "12"
shirts are some of my favorites.

A few have asked about the measurements of the size
YOUTH LARGE (aka: X SMALL) shirts. The youth large
shirts arent super small. American Apparel shirts run
a little big and many traditional SMALLS like the size
youth large for a better fit. We are sold out of most of our
shirts but we have some youth large left in a few designs.
That is the only way you will be able to get these shirts,
as we will not be making more of them. We also lowered
the price on the youth large shirts!

FInally, all orders received after August 18th will ship
on or about September 1st. The Italians interns are all
starting school then, and i'm in Australia, and Ian is on tour
with his band, and Andrew is listening to the new M.O.P.
(which apparently isnt too good according to him)- so
please be patient! Thanks, as always!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mike Simonetti Australian tour promo mix

hello. here is a mix i did for Australian radio Triple J.
It aired a few weeks ago and i am curious how it went
over since it is not your typical techno/electro fare.
Plus it was done in one take due to time constraints...
This mix was made entirely of Disconet 12"s. Every
track was either an exclusive Disconet edit or previously
unreleased track altogether. there are a few tracks
that were only released as a Disconet 12". Most
of these are of the Italo/boogie variety since I didnt
do an Italo mix in a while and you know- boogie
is very cool at the moment. There is a totally awesome
article on Disconet below:
  • here it is

  • JJJ Disconet Mix
  • Friday, August 14, 2009

    Mike Australia tour 2k9 style

    hello. i'll being heading back to Australia next week. I'm
    very excited to be going back, since the last time was so
    good. I have a few dates off in SYD so hit me up if you
    want to go hit some record stores in the outskirts of SYD
    on one of my days off.

    also a few programming notes: during this time the IDIB
    mailorder will be a little slower than normal. We will try
    to get the interns in to send out some packages but this
    is also when college starts so it may be tough. But keep
    on ordering! Before I leave i am posting some new releases
    to the IDIB store, so dont forget to order!


    Tuesday, August 11, 2009

    Glitter Band "Makes You Blind" Mike Simonetti edit

    hello. the edit dumps continue. This is an oldie (but a goodie?)
    and i figure i would give it to you the loyal readers of this here
    blog. If you have ever seen me dj at Rubulad you may remember
    me looping this for 15 minutes while i wait on the cue for
    the bathroomn ;)
  • Glitter Band "Makes You Blind" Mike Simonetti edit
  • GLASS CANDY live (Mike djing) in Chicago tomorrow

    come on out to the Bicycle Film Festival party at the
    Metro tomorrow. I'll be djing along with a live
    performance by Glass Candy.

    Monday, August 10, 2009

    DESIRE : Oxygene & DESIRE: new blog

    hello. you may notice on the Desire album that
    OXYGENE is missing. That was intentional. The
    track did not make the cut for one reason or
    another (i'll have to ask Johnny why) and was
    left off the album. The art was made first assuming
    the track would be on the album. But it didnt make
    it, and the covers were printed anyway. So we
    are offering the missing track here for you
    to download for free. Sorry for the confusion.
    Also, be sure to check out the gorgeous photo
    blog megan from desire put together. 200 candid
    tour photos of desire's european debut with glass
    candy in may & june.

  • OXYGENE by Desire
  • Sunday, August 09, 2009

    Bottin is djing Finland, Brazil, the US and Canada in September:

    Still looking for a gig on the west coast on september 19th (saturday)
    as well as one in the east coast on the 25th (a friday)
    write to: contact [at] bottin [dot] it

    Sep 05 - SimCity 2000 @ Nolla, Helsinki Finland
    Sep 11 - D-Edge // Såo Paulo, Brazil
    Sep 12 - Neon // Porto Alegre, Brazil
    Sep 17 - Wildlife @ Barcelona // Austin, Texas
    Sep 18 - The Chase @ Senor Fish // Los Angeles
    Sep 20 - Honey+Donut @ Paradise Lounge // San Francisco
    Sep 24 - Stardust @ Berlin // Chicago
    Sep 26 - The Social // Montreal

    Friday, August 07, 2009

    the "12" shirts are finally for sale!

    sorry for the delay on the shirts.. we only have small
    and mediums, and we dont have many left! we also
    put an option to buy one alone since so many asked.
    thanks for being patient!

    Wednesday, August 05, 2009

    Glass Candy "Geto Boys" 12" OUT NOW

    After months of mastering issues (the bass was so heavy
    it was making the needle jump), legal issues, and remixing
    issues. We are excited to say that the Glass Candy "Geto Boys"
    12" is finally in stock. And even's a double A side.
    They've Been destroying this song on tour all year. Samples
    the hip hop classic "Mind Playing Tricks On Me" from Houston
    legends, GETO BOYS (who sampled Isaac Hayes). The flip side
    of the record features the Deep Gems burner "Animal
    Imagination". If that wasn't enough, the record contains 12"
    instrumental versions and vocal edits of both songs. 3 tracks
    per side. This is an extremely limited one time vinyl pressing
    that you will never see on itunes. Packaging includes full color
    jacket, insert, and lyric sheet. "For a good Glass

    also, we made a t-shirt with the Geto Boys cover specifically for
    sale with this 12". We only made 60 shirts, so hurry up! Its
    our tribute to the 12"! The shirts are on black American Apparel
    shirts, and the price is nice!

    OH YEAH, if you already ordered the Geto Boys 12" before we
    put the shirt up- it is not too late to get a shirt. email us your
    paypal receipt or transaction # along with $13 (the balance for
    the shirt plus some shipping) and we will send you a shirt.
    make sure you tell us your size.
    paypal address for the shirt:

    this should be available in the store today! (August 6). sorry
    for the confusion.