Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Glitter Band "Makes You Blind" Mike Simonetti edit

hello. the edit dumps continue. This is an oldie (but a goodie?)
and i figure i would give it to you the loyal readers of this here
blog. If you have ever seen me dj at Rubulad you may remember
me looping this for 15 minutes while i wait on the cue for
the bathroomn ;)
  • Glitter Band "Makes You Blind" Mike Simonetti edit
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    the saucer people said...

    I am absolutely astonished there is not a torrent of praise for this edit of the Glitter Band's 'Makes You Blind'..I could follow that bass to the end of the world, its as infectious as ebola!
    Listening to it, its hard to believe it came from the grim grey mid-seventies here in the UK, it sounds like something straight out of Salsoul or TK Disco with Tom Moulton or Walter Gibbons at the controls.

    Given the fact the original version clocked up at just over 3 minutes, its strange how this track still feels as though it could last for at least twice that long (maybe thats why Mike chose it as the perfect soundtrack to a call of nature!)

    Speaking of doubling up, given the lack of comments, you could even repost this monster from its current 160 to a glorious 320 just so I can hear that bass shine & shimmer to the Nth degree...just a thought ;)