Thursday, June 25, 2009

here is some BIM MARKS for you:

Who is Bim Marx? That would be my friend from NYC Duane Harriot
and our own Professor Genius- forming a super hero team of
production sure to be huge in the not so distant future.
You may know Duane as being one third of the now on hiatus
Negroclash crew (along with Dj Lindsay and Prince Language). They
used to throw a killer party at APT back in the day... And of course
you know Jorge (aka Professor Genius released one of the first
IDIB 12"s!) anyway, here is an edit they have given us exclusively.
its killer, so be warned.
  • Cristal-"Phonic" (Bim Marx breakdown edit)

  • check them out here to hear more :
  • bim marx myspace

  • Duane also did a KILLER mix for us that you can download:
  • Dj Duane Harriot mix

  • while you're at it, go to Turntable Lab and grab some super
    ltd Bim Marx releases
  • HERE

  • (maybe we can talk the Professor into a mix sometime soon??)

    Wednesday, June 24, 2009


    hi. come out to see me DJ in NYC at Santos:::

    Thursday, June 25, 2009 - 22:00
    Santos Party House New York, New York, USA
    Thursday June 25th, 2009
    The Phenomenal Handclap Band - RECORD RELEASE PARTY!

    The Phenomenal Handclap Band (LIVE)
    And DJ Set's by::

    Tim Sweeney
    Mike Simonetti
    Tim Love Lee

    First 100 RSVP'd Guests FREE!

    $5 Reduced with RSVP (after the first 100)
    $10 at the Door
    -Santo's Party House
    100 Lafayette St.
    -Doors 10pm

    Built by Santos Party House and MeanRed
    Brought to you by Wax Poetics & Friendly Fire Recordings


    Tuesday, June 16, 2009

    Mike will dj in LA, SF, MEXICO this weekend

    hello. i will be djing in SF, LA and MEXICO
    this weekend...

    Weds June 17 @ Vessel San Francisco w/ Ryan
    Thurs June 18 @ Dance Right in LA w/ Chairlift
    Friday June 19th @ Pasaje Americana Mexico City

    GLASS CANDY / DESIRE live in Frankfurt -date added


    Monday, June 15, 2009

    Mike djing on Diesel Radio

    In an attempt to keep content on this blog
    because i am going to be away most of the
    summer on the road- here is something for you.
    I djed on Diesel U radio when i was out in London
    last weekend. Towards the end of the radio show
    the cd player craps out thus rendering the exclusive
    IDIB track unplayable... SO keep that in mind. It
    was fun nonetheless. you may recognize one
    Rory Philips of Durrrr fame make a guest
    appearance as well. as for the mix itself--
    blame it on a-a-a-a-a-alcohol...
    also check this mix for some cool soon to be
    released italians tracks as well as some
    goofy Mike edits...
  • 2 hours of pleasure

    Ben Manzone and Steve Shakewell from NYC. good
    friends and gooder djs. trying to do something right
    in this shitty club filled city. support them!

    Monday, June 08, 2009


    hello. this weekend we bring the traveling IDIB
    party to London, Frankfurt, and Paris. This is
    our first attempt at an overseas party of this
    magnitude, so please try to come out and
    join us for these dates. We even asked Hans
    Peter to come out and play in London. We
    are excited to have him play with us. We've
    been trying to coordinate for the longest time!

    Thursday June 11th at KOKO London -
    (Lindstrom, glass candy, desire, mike simonetti)

    Friday June 12th Frankfurt @ secret location
    thrown by CREATHIEF (ask around). just
    mike djing as glass candy has a day off.

    Saturday June 13 in Paris at Le Regine
    (glass candy, desire, mike simonetti)

    --also, i am djing after the London show at the
    Horse & Groom at the Secret Weapons party with
    Bill Brewster and Filthy Luka from Horsemeat Disco.
    its FREE. located at 26 Curtain Road, EC2.

    --AND before the London gig i am djing on the
    radio for Deisel U music radio earlier in the
    afternoon. it will be archived so i will post the
    link if i remember..


    Saturday, June 06, 2009

    A New Bottin mix

    here is a message from Bottin:

    It's been a while since I posted a mixtape, so last sunday
    after returning from Paris I immediately started selecting
    tracks. I've been playing fast disco lately so I had to
    compensate with this rather adventurous mid-tempo mix
    of laid back songs from 100 to 110 bpm with basically no
    genre rules: set your time machine to a random range
    between 1978 and 1990 and you'll get stuff going from
    disco-funk to proto-balearic, from italo-boogie to very
    old school rap.

    The track list has been made somewhat obscure: all that
    is left of artist names and track titles are the initials and
    whoever guesses the tracks will be awarded with a 12"
    vynil or cd that I will gladly ship to any address on planet
    earth at my expense. You don't even have to guess them
    all: the 2 brave contestants that will get the most will win.
    If you have your own blog and would like to post the mix
    there you are very welcome to do so. Just make sure that
    answers are posted as a comment to this blog or sent to
    me in a private message.


    a 100-110bpm vynil mix by Bottin

    01 TO - DLG (1978)
    02 BSM - TFTSSOK (1981)
    03 E7 - DG (1984)
    04 GM - FDM (1984)
    05 RJ - CR (1980)
    06 LSD - TDS (1978)
    07 A - YMMDI (1981)
    08 VM - C (1990)
    09 RM - S (1984)
    10 K - OTBA (1983)
    11 HC - E1IAW (1978)
    12 PM&M - BBS (1980)
    13 TDP - SB (1984)
    14 DCLR - HJDAVDR (1979)
    15 DC - C (1984)
    16 TO - D (1983?)
    17 SF - PS (1978)
    18 LB - WSOWS (1978)
    19 JH - ER (1983)
  • here's the mix
  • Friday, June 05, 2009

    a few old fliers

    Jonny from Konk sent these over to me. He found them as
    he was preparing his move overseas. i am hoping to get
    more to post. Either way, i have never seen the Paradise
    Garage flier before. Its a rare later flier. pretty cool... Thanks