Thursday, June 25, 2009

here is some BIM MARKS for you:

Who is Bim Marx? That would be my friend from NYC Duane Harriot
and our own Professor Genius- forming a super hero team of
production sure to be huge in the not so distant future.
You may know Duane as being one third of the now on hiatus
Negroclash crew (along with Dj Lindsay and Prince Language). They
used to throw a killer party at APT back in the day... And of course
you know Jorge (aka Professor Genius released one of the first
IDIB 12"s!) anyway, here is an edit they have given us exclusively.
its killer, so be warned.
  • Cristal-"Phonic" (Bim Marx breakdown edit)

  • check them out here to hear more :
  • bim marx myspace

  • Duane also did a KILLER mix for us that you can download:
  • Dj Duane Harriot mix

  • while you're at it, go to Turntable Lab and grab some super
    ltd Bim Marx releases
  • HERE

  • (maybe we can talk the Professor into a mix sometime soon??)


    Unknown said...

    please contact info to bring chromatics to mexico--

    Unknown said...

    Thanx for the love!

    //Professor Genius//

    PS A mix is on its way...

    Unknown said...

    offtopic: Hi Mike, I interviewed Johnny Jewel last Saturday at their castle gig in Romania and I sent the script inside a message at their myspace page but no sign till now. Can you give me an email address to send it again more directly, please? I alse took some Polaroids of them, hope you'll like it: