Wednesday, July 01, 2009

new releases: DESIRE, PREMIER RANG, SOLANGE- all out now (plus bonus Premier Rang mix!)

hello. three new releases available now on Italians Do It Better:

1. Desire- debut cd. This has different artwork and songs/mixes
than the demo. Vinyl coming very soon.

2. Solange 12" - Archival discovery with remix by Bottin on
the b-side.. ltd to 750. no repress.

3. Premier Rang 12"- new discovery from Paris. Some of the
sweetest sounds you may hear this year. ltd to 750. no repress.

3.5. also check out the PURPLE BRAIN 7"/cd we are selling, It
was released by RVNG and we only have 9 copies. it is sold out
from the label apparently.

we are also offering a bundle so you can order all three records
and save a few bucks. AND we are happy to say we lowered
our cd prices to fit the economic crunch we are all in...

to celebrate the new releases, Premier Rang has done a mix
especially for us. It gives you a good idea where they are
coming from musically, since they are so hard to pin down!
  • Premier Rang Selection

    Unknown said...

    William Bottin said...

    "Hear that whistle, it's ten o'clock. Come on baby, it's time to rock"

    ...where did I hear that one already? ;)

    Jonathan Gelatt said...

    I managed to nab a copy of that purple brain mix a week back, and ever since I've been struggling to find a way to describe it other than "holy sh*t."

    It scrambled my capacity for rational thought.

    Ben said...

    Obligatory question as to whether or not they'll be available digitally?

    Also - I know this is going back a couple of weeks, but what's the 2nd to last track you played in your set on Diesel radio in London? It sounds like there's either a rain sound effect on the background of it or it's just old vinyl, but it's really great. Sort of motorik-y with some lazers thrown in there. (Starts at 1:51:33 into the mix). Great stuff, anyway!

    Italians Do It Better said...

    digital coming VERY soon. that track you speak of from Diesel Radio is actually PREMIER RANG! i told you its good!

    roy said...

    diesel radio mix is great - it's got serious character... haha! can you give a clue as to what the "i couldn't lie to you" track is early on in the mix?

    Anonymous said...

    A silly question maybe, but: what's the title of the Desire album?

    Concensus on the webs seems to be that it's 'II', but that's probably based on the 'II' that's on the disc, even though that same 'II' is on the 'Deep Gems' disc. Yes? No?

    I'm confused and I can't sleep!

    Italians Do It Better said...

    II it is!

    roy said...

    figured out that track mike, thanks for the tip!! you da man!

    Erik of KFTEB said...

    I would love to hear a remix of "Mirroir Mirroir". Put your minions to work Mike! ;)

    Porkpie said...
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    Porkpie said...
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    Erik of KFTEB said...

    I think the album's only 8 tracks?

    Porkpie said...
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    Erik of KFTEB said...

    According to iTunes it's only 8 tracks:

    Not that it matters though if you got the wrong CD.

    But - post your e-mail address and I will send you the (full) album if you want to.

    Ed Corcoran said...

    I have solved they mystery of Solange

    "Robots are Un-American" is actually a new track by Bottin that is being released in conjunction with the movie The Boy With The Sun In His Eyes, which Bottin wrote music for.