Friday, January 30, 2009

MIKE'S BIRTHDAY PARTY TONIGHT! (and february gigs)


tonight is my birthday party at Savalas in Williamsburg
Brooklyn (where babies and hipsters live in harmony-much
like my house).. anyway, feel free to come down. its free
and if its anything like last year it may be a little nuts. also
Justine D is hosting this thing. so it is pretty much a
Motherfucker reunion. all they need is the New York
Dolls to play and we're all set...

also i shall be djing in February most of the
time it seems... here is a schedule:

feb 5 LA California @ dance right
feb 6 LA California @ shits and giggles
feb 7 SF California @ gun club with Tim Sweeney

feb 13 Washington DC @ Blisspop with Holy Ghost
feb 14 making sweet love by the fire
feb 15 nyc fashion week secret event

feb 19 toronto Canada w/ Mikey Apples
feb 20 montreal Canada w/ Mikey Apples and Alex Lemieux


March 7 - NYC Italians Winter Party @ LPR with Glass
Candy, Nite Jewel, Twisted Wires and Mike Simonetti
on the wheels of steel. more info on this soon

March 15- Istanbul Turley
March 16- Greece
March 17- Berlin

NEON COOL KIDS mini mixtape

got this sent to us from our fellow bloggers at
NEON COOL KIDS.. enjoy. check their site:::



Plastic Bertrand "Stop ou Encore"

Pino D'angio "Ma Quale Idea"

Ray Rogers "Ya Ya"

Circlesquare "Dancers"

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mike's Mini Mixtape #1

Here is a "mini mixtape". a "mini mixtape" is 5 songs that you must
download and listen to in the order they are listed. the artwork
below is the cover art for your cassette. a "mini mixtape" can
be 5 songs or less. this mixtape is entitled "Slushy Sundays".
if you want to submit a mini mixtape for Italians feel free to
contact us.


  • crying
  • the man
  • bragging
  • happy
  • nyc transfer
  • Tuesday, January 27, 2009

    Bottin 12" ready to order!

    hello. the 12" should be available in the IDIB store
    by 7pm EST Tuesday! (see right column for link)
    Also we have 2 copies of the JD Twitch 10"/cd
    left so if you need that i suggest you grab it soon!

    We also restocked the Nite Jewel lp due to
    overwhelming demand.

    Friday, January 23, 2009



    hello again. this deserved a separate post. In a few days
    we will have the latest IDIB 12" in the form of Bottin "No
    Static". Bottin is from Venice Italy and has been flying under
    the radar for a while. Our aim is to bring him into the
    limelight where he belongs. He is not only a stellar producer,
    but an excellent dj with an even more excellent record collection.
    To prove this we offer you a mix by Bottin as well- that you can
    download below. People always say ITALO this and ITALO that.
    Well, here's some italo from you by a fellow Italian living in Italy.
    We will make an announcement when we have these in stock for
    mailorder. As always , strictly limited edition.
  • visit his website
  • sample the 12" here

  • --------------
  • When Italians Did It Better Mix

  • --------------

    -we will give away an IDIB item of your choice PLUS a Bottin IDIB 12"
    to the first person to get the tracks on this mix. its a tough one!
    Also i cant stress enough how awesome Benguin's mix is. If
    you havent downloaded it , do it now!!! (its below us)

    here are some hints proved by Mr Bottin. some of these
    tracks are edits so this may help...

    01. LS – CMS 1979 (Bottin edit)
    02. K - BD 1981 (Bottin edit)
    03. DZ - IMAR 1980
    04. MPI - Z 2007 (Bottin remix)
    05. S - RAU 1984
    06. G&MDA - ICDS 1979 (Bottin edit)
    07. JR - FTLA 1981 (Bottin edit)
    08. C - CE 1978 (Bottin edit)
    09. HP - DB 1979 (Bottin edit)
    10. BOTTIN - PIANETI 2008 (demo)

    in other news, johnny has been sending me art samples and rough
    track sketches for some future releases. I will tell you now that 2009
    is going to be our year. be prepared, this is just the beginning.


    Come celebrate their exit from the womb and the arrival
    into your hearts.
    As is the tradition , Mike Simonetti and Michael T (you
    may know him from Motherfucker perhaps?) will be
    celebrating their birthdays together.

    Saturday Jan 31, 2009 at Savalas in Williamsburg.
    free entry. the party starts when you get there.
    Mike will also be djing. Zeppole encouraged.

    Saturday, January 17, 2009

    current little man faves

    everyone wants to know what the little guy is
    jamming to in these cold winter days... he gets
    especially excited when you sing Paul McCartney
    to him...
    coming soon: Carole King "Little Guy edit" 12" ;)

    Thursday, January 08, 2009

    HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009- a new mix from Benguin

    Hope your 2009 is going smoothly as planned.
    here is a new mix from Ben Manzone- one of
    NYC's best kept secrets. In my opinion this mix
    is in contention for mix of the year already. Plus
    it has one of my all time favorite songs. Pay
    attention to the first track. Serious business and
    Sunday slow jams...

  • Saturday, January 03, 2009

    Holy Shit...

    my back still hurts from the 7 hour dj marathon on New
    Years Eve at Rubulad. Paul Oakenfold would be proud...

    btw: the new years eve song this year was Diana Ross "I'm
    Coming Out". (extended white label 12" version LOL)