Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Glass Candy "Geto Boys" 12" OUT NOW

After months of mastering issues (the bass was so heavy
it was making the needle jump), legal issues, and remixing
issues. We are excited to say that the Glass Candy "Geto Boys"
12" is finally in stock. And even's a double A side.
They've Been destroying this song on tour all year. Samples
the hip hop classic "Mind Playing Tricks On Me" from Houston
legends, GETO BOYS (who sampled Isaac Hayes). The flip side
of the record features the Deep Gems burner "Animal
Imagination". If that wasn't enough, the record contains 12"
instrumental versions and vocal edits of both songs. 3 tracks
per side. This is an extremely limited one time vinyl pressing
that you will never see on itunes. Packaging includes full color
jacket, insert, and lyric sheet. "For a good Glass

also, we made a t-shirt with the Geto Boys cover specifically for
sale with this 12". We only made 60 shirts, so hurry up! Its
our tribute to the 12"! The shirts are on black American Apparel
shirts, and the price is nice!

OH YEAH, if you already ordered the Geto Boys 12" before we
put the shirt up- it is not too late to get a shirt. email us your
paypal receipt or transaction # along with $13 (the balance for
the shirt plus some shipping) and we will send you a shirt.
make sure you tell us your size.
paypal address for the shirt:

this should be available in the store today! (August 6). sorry
for the confusion.


Unknown said...

Fresh & Clean!

tommie 2 fingers said...

i cant see the t shirts on the shop. where are the tshirts?

Italians Do It Better said...

the shirts STILL arent up. sorry!!!!! we had an internet issue! they should be up today.

Cola Di Rienzi said...

One of the most brilliant cuts out there! IDIB artists are making the most innovative dance music right now, in my opinion. Any plans to have an Italians Do It Better party in NYC in the near future?

Anonymous said...

you guys got this shirt in white?