Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Mike @ Zoukout 2009 Singapore this weekend

hello. i assume you all got your plane tickets for this weekend's
party in Singapore? I'll be playing Zoukout Festival in Singapore.
The lineup this year is pretty insane and diverse. Looking forward
to checking out some of the other djs on the beach, especially
since its cold as hell in NYC...
  • Zoukout

  • Then I will come home and relax for a month before heading out
    to Europe and do it all over again. ALSO, New Years Eve 2009 I
    will be back at Rubulad in NYC as is the "tradition" of the last 5
    years or so. Because of my insane schedule i havent been able to
    play there since last New Years...


    nonobvious said...

    i know where i'm gonna be nye!

    Italians Do It Better said...

    hey jay hit me up ill get you on the list...

    kitty said...

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