Friday, August 15, 2008

IDIB "state of the mailorder" update summer 2k8

hello. so as you may or may not know, we moved from scenic
jersey city to a much nicer area. when we moved we switched
post offices (thank god). ever since we moved we have experienced
something we havent experienced in a long time: efficiency.
we feel this post office is a new beginning for us. some of you
have emailed us surprised by the speed in which their mail
arrived. we couldn't be happier. if there are any more issues
with the mail email us. but i doubt there will be any more problems.

also we have been receiving some returned mail thanks to the jersey
city post office. many of you have received emails from us and we
are returning what we have been sent back. that would be a few
of the fabled "spring bundles"... remember that fiasco?

anyway, we are running very low on tote bags and shirts, so if
you want one i would order it soon. Those designs will not be
made anymore after we run out of these. We are also down to the
copies of the Farah 12" and IN THE CITY 12"... As you know we
wont repress these, but they are available thru all of your
favorite digital outposts if you so feel inclined.


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