Monday, April 13, 2009

DESIRE track leak!

Hello. This weekend in Portland was awesome.
Thanks for the support and sorry to all who
couldnt get in. If you were there hopefully
you saw Desire in their Portland debut. They
blew the doors off the place. It was definitely
something special. All you San Francisco people
hurry up and get your tickets now for this
weekend's Italians Do It Better post-Coachella
party where Desire will make their California
debut alongside Glass Candy and the California
debut of Twisted Wires. Its gonna be an
amazing night at the Mezzanine.

Here is the first of what we hope to be a long
line of leaks for Italians artists. We are going
to periodically leak a track or 2 for a limited time
then take the link down. The first leak is the
lead single from Desire (just in time for
the Mezzanine gig). i am going to take the
link down before i get on the plane this weekend
for San Francisco. I hope you love it as much
as we do. Also if you got the Desire cd last
weekend (or this upcoming weekend) you
may notice is it missing a few tracks. We
rushed to make a demo to sell at shows so
we made a small amount with the original
artwork, but with only 5 songs. So if you
want a limited cd you better get it at the Sf
show! We dont have many left!

Anyway, here is the Desire track:
  • Desire "If I Cant Hold You"- download AIFF
  • Desire "If I Cant Hold You"- download MP3

    Erik of KFTEB said...

    sounds great!

    like the flu said...


    I just discovered Desire earlier today on some blog from portland....they gonna make a myspace page anytime soon?

    Bardia said...

    are there advance tickets for the mezzanine party?

    the venue's website says tickets are only available at the door...

    whats the story?

    Italians Do It Better said...

    im not sure about the tickets. maybe give them a call??

    nonobvious said...

    anyone else having trouble with the aiff file?

    Italians Do It Better said...

    are you having problems with the aiff? seems ok. i can out up a mp3 if you want. i like higher quality is all.. .

    mm1 said...

    me too having problems!
    can't open with foobar2k or media player...

    mm1 said...

    [edit] working with VLC

    Unknown said...

    This is fantastic. Thank you so much.

    Unknown said...

    Love this song will the Desire cd become available in the shop?

    nonobvious said...

    good call mm1! was freaking out after fb2k, live, sound forge all wouldn't work.

    really lovely

    Unknown said...

    You can convert to wav or mp3 using quicktime pro or itunes hope this helps.

    Italians Do It Better said...

    i am posting an mp3 for everyone who has aiff issues. should be up in 3 minutes.

    Jacob said...


    Anonymous said...

    links don't work. re-up please! i love this song

    KARNOTiC said...


    Erik of KFTEB said...

    can someone put it up again?