Tuesday, March 18, 2008


hiya. a few things... firstly i am in the middle of moving my house
so i packed a lot of my records, thus i cant get you a track listing
for the HAZY HOUSE mix. i would probably keep most titles
secret anyways! its all house music from 1987-1993. look out
for part two in the summer.

new italians releases will be here in 2.5 weeks, BUT the Italians
staff will be on tour in Australia/New Zealand so they will have to wait
until we get back. BUT our distributor will have them for shops while
we are gone.. also, the t-shirts are pretty much sold out except for
size YOUTH LARGE and YOUTH MEDIUM- in which we have about 4 left.
thanks for all the support. we LOVE YOU!!!

look for dates in a few days, while we are gone i will try to keep an
Italians tour blog from the road if i remember.

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