Thursday, December 02, 2010

Mike has a Soundcloud


  • check it out... ton of free exclusive downloads for edits
    and mixes and all that stuff. he just put up a mix and
    another exclusive edit, both free for download.
    Mike Simonetti live at Rubulad summer 2010 by mike simonetti
    SPEEDBOAT CHASE (Mike Simonetti edit) by mike simonetti

    many people are asking how to hear about new ltd IDIB stuff
    before it hits the blog. if you want to be the first to hear
    about ltd IDIB stuff like color vinyl and limited edition
    warehouse finds, Mike usually tweets/facebooks about
    it first for the diehard followers, so follow him on his
    personal facebook or twitter to get dibs on stuff.


  • Mikes personal facebook

  • and finally, the Chromatics Night Drive 2lp is almost all sold
    out on color vinyl. we were slammed with orders yesterday.
    over a hundred orders came in within a few hours. thanks for
    all your support! we should have all the mail out by the end
    of next week.

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