Tuesday, December 08, 2009

+++ NEW GOLF CHANNEL 12"s , PINK STALLONE 12", mix, and edit

check the IDIB store for some new items we are
selling for our friends... we have the two new
Golf Channel records, and you know they are both
essential. We also have the debut 12" from New
Jersey's own Pink Stallone. Seriously one of the
freshest artists on the scene. Dont sleep on this
one. We also have a new exclusive boogie-tastic
mix and edit from Pink Stallone for you as
a sort of promo for the new 12". Orders wont be
shipped until next Wednesday but order now as
they will sell out fast.
  • Pink Stallone mix
  • Hq Six Pink Stallone Radio Edit
  • Pink Stallone online
  • Pink Stallone Myspace
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    Unknown said...

    You are a seller, I know, I like taylormade r11 driver