Tuesday, September 30, 2008


hello there.
sorry about the Love gig being so weird. Someone pulled the fire
alarm early on and kicked everyone out at around 11pm, and we
were forced to end early. maybe next time??? at least i didnt
have to fly 16 hours, right???

So, the Glass Candy BEATBOX vinyl is almost ready for
mailorder consumption. we will have it in a few days, and once
it is here you will be able to order it. i havent even seen it yet.
there will also be a few other surprises coming at the same time
in the form of black plastic . yes, new 12"s! we are trying to see
if we can manage to get them all out at once. What are the 12"s
you ask? SHHHHHHHH cant tell you just yet. We like to wait
until the last minute to tell you these things.

also if you are in the Portland area around the end of October,
we are having a Fall party. You should all come out. Its going to
be super fun. I will post more info in a few days. But for now,
this will have to do.

Here are two of the little man's current favorite songs, in case
you were wondering...


Michael Keeley said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Michael Keeley said...

I'm fine if the blog administrator is deleting my post, so long as someone from this label can PLEASE respond to my numerous emails regarding a long outstanding mail order. THANKS.

Erik of KFTEB said...

is the beatbox-lp going to be any different from the CD release other than being on vinyl?