Wednesday, October 01, 2008


hello, our very own Anton from Tiedye just did a mix for
our good friends over in France. Qlint aloways blows me
away with his insane selection of Swedish music. So many
killer cuts. You may know this blog because the Dirty/Discodeine
guys run it, and its one of our favorites! Mike also did a mix
for that blog earlier this year. its called HAZY HOUSE , so
check it out as well.

And check out the Dirty edits and Discodeine tracks if you
can! These guys are great. The link below will take you to the

  • MIX

    Track listing of the mix.
    01 - Rasa - The greatest one
    02 - Graham Nash - Earth & Sky
    03 - Renée - Can't live my life
    04 - Alan Tarney - On TV
    05 - Eloy - Mirador
    06 - Moon Martin - Writing on the wall
    07 - The Earons - Land of hunger (Dub version)
    08 - Cos/mes - Fanfare Maniac
    09 - MUD - Mr Bagatelle
    10 - Torkel Rasmusson - Resan

    Margarida said...

    Please COME TO LISBON ! you don't imagine how much we love you here. nobody i know has been listening continuously to bands from the same label for SOOOOO Long.

    I can cook you dinner, or take you out for dancing, our buy you gellybeans, just COME :)

    Margarida said...


    i noticed GLASS CANDY is playing in Barcelona on December 6th. I can help setting a date in Lisbon, Portugal, if she'd like it, i have several friends working in the music scene here.

    We'd love to have you over.

    let me know if Glass Candy wants it!

    my email:

    Poguish said...

    Hey Guys at Italians do it better! i love all of your stuff, specially chromatics and glass candy, hey im an art director here in Mexico and i would loooovee to work for you, i don't care about the money i just feel a strong artistic connection with what you guys do, i would love to do artwork for you guys, please contact me...