Wednesday, February 07, 2007

part 2 of the mix....

rather than post part 2 of the Motherfucker mix i will
post part 2 of my New Years Eve-ning... After Motherfucker
i djed Rubulad until 10 am... The set was also recorded, and
l'll post it this week hopefully. It is the polar
opposite of the Motherfucker set. Barely any house
or electronic stuff-- i reserved that for Motherfucker
since i was in the 'electronic room', and i thought
it would be nice to do 2 separate sets with different

So all of the people who complained the Motherfucker
set was "too dark"... This will suit you just fine!

1 comment:

usb_milan said...

i didn't think the first one was dark at all... apart from maybe the depeche mode vocal. but i loved the old acid stuff.