Sunday, March 11, 2007


people keep asking me via email if this is still a real blog.

yes it is, im still around. been out of town a lot lately. i have
some mixes for you as well. just got to get around to it.

ill be in canada in a few weeks and after that UK and Italy.
ill get the Canada info up once Alex gets off his ass and gets
me the venue (HINT !) .. . . . .. .

if anyone wants to hook me up with gigs overseas, you can
email me direct rather than go through my booker.

its easier that way. but if you'd rather deal with the booker
it is:

coming soon : the first Italians Do It Better releases.
gonna be an awesome year for the label. literally stoked.


acidbearboy said...

What you up to in the UK?

Nathan Chuluda said...

ready for fresh releases. can't wait!