Thursday, September 16, 2010

the Italians backstock purge!


hello. over the next few weeks we will be putting some
old stuff for sale in the store that has been sold out for
quite some time. these arent represses, these are our
personal copies that we have accumulated
over the years. All sealed like new copies. You may notice
round one is up with the Tiedye, the elusive Chromatics In
The City 12" and Life After Sundown 12"s.

Those are our own personal stash of stuff we found in Ida's
basement in Portland a few weeks ago. Keep checking back
all the time because we are putting up some really cool stuff
by Chromatics, Glass Candy, Tiedye, Invisible Conga People,
and some other surprises. We have limited quantities of
this stuff. Some we have 20 copies, some we have 5 copies!

Also we have some more Chromatics books leftover from
some people who never paid. if you are interested email
mike at troublemanunlimited dot com.

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