Thursday, July 29, 2010



Finally after months and month of preparation, we are
able to announce the first four releases on our new
sister label PERSEO. This label will focus mainly on edits
and things of that nature. The label was born when
Mike heard the infamous Bruce Springsteen edit by
Martin Vogel almost two years ago. It prompted him
to try to figure out a way to release it, and thus Perseo
was born. SInce then it has become a way to showcase
some of Mike and Johnny's favorite edits out there, as
well as a way to release some of their own work. Like
Italians, expect the quality to be top notch and the
records to be limited editions, usually around 400 copies
per release. The first three releases are:

--M VOGEL "Tough" 12" (aka: The Boss- the one that started it all)
--BOTTIN "Eagle/Stork" 12" (Steve Miller/Level 42)
--MIKE SIMONETTI "That Look" 12" (3 obscure house tracks)
--PERSEO "Edits Volume One" cd (this collects the three records
above, plus a bonus track from Mike not on the vinyl)

head over to the store and order away! They wont last!
We priced the cds at $5- budget pricing like we do for
everything we do!



Erik of KFTEB said...

Sweet! Ordered all 3 of'em! :)
(from Juno)

trhoades said...

ordered the cd... weather in the usa is NOT good for vinyl as you may know. BUT! they may sound good with some oscillation! NOT!

Really made in italy? or just legal bullshit? use code to answer that one ;)

Italians Do It Better said...

you can bet your last money, in parting... made in ITALY

Unknown said...

Got my Perseos in the mail. So amazing. Can't wait for the next releases.

Edwin said...

I just received the Perseo CD and it is great! Ordered last week and already arrived in the Netherlands. Looks like you guys are from Italy ;-)

Anonymous said...

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