Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mike Simonetti edit 12"s available for order


hello we managed to grab a few copies of Mike's new edit 12"
entitled "I Love It When A Plan Comes Together: AKA Mike 001".
It was released by a mysterious stranger overseas who offered
to release a few of Mike's edits. He agreed, as long as he could
make it A-Team themed, of course! Only 300 were pressed and
it sold out in a day. So yea dont sleep! Mike 002 is coming soon!
We are not putting it up in the store because we dont have that
many. they cost $11 ppd in the USA , $15 Canada/Mexico and
$20 everywhere else.

We also have a tiny amount of the newest Pilooski edit 12" on
RVNG. This is all sold out from the source as well. These are $14
USA, $17 Canada and $22 world.

so if want either of these, email mike at troublemanunlimited dot
com for order info. be sure to mention where you live.


Erik of KFTEB said...

love the b-side!

tingting said...
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Haukur HeiĆ°ar said...

FINALLY bought this, the B52 edit is doing it for me!

Italians Do It Better said...

we still have about 6 left so order fast!