Monday, February 01, 2010


hello. come join the fun in the next week or 2.
Italy, Spain, Portugal..... ill be djing and the
bands will be playing in:
FEB 4: Tape Club Florence ITALY
FEB 5: Covo Club Bolognia ITALY
FEB 6: Rocket Club Milano ITALY
FEB 10: Charada in Madrid SPAIN
FEB 11: Sevilla Spain TBA
FEB 12: Porto Portugal
FEB 13: Sala Apolla Club in BARCELONA


Poppe1 said...

Hell Yes!
Been waiting for this for quite some time. Finally it will happen.
See you in Porto and in May at Lisbon.

coconut jam said...

I know that they’ve been waiting for this: Alfa Romeu, Jardel, Cid. A, Dr. Indio e Frasco. See you at Plano B, Porto!

David Puente said...

Hello there,

scannerFM from Barcelona. We did a special report talking about our favourites bookmarks and off course we included yours.

By the way: Its Apolo Club (Nitsa) in your gig at Barcelona, not Apolla.



filipe brito said...


great gig in Oporto.

filipe brito

golightly said...

Great great great...
perfect sexy sounds @ Nitsa club yesterday night!
I wonder If M Simonetti would let us know his playlist...
He played something about " tasting Ice cream " ...what about this song ?

aileen said...

Wow its good to have that long weekend. This weekend i'll be heading on a vacation! seo

kitty said...

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