Wednesday, October 21, 2009

T&K "Mucho Swash" 12" out now!!

NOW AVAILABLE in the store: T&K "Mucho Swash"
12". DJ Kaos has been down with the crew for a
while now. When he sent us his new project with
Tiago called T&K, we were totally down for a release.
100% club approved guitar driven house. check
their Myspace for sound samples:
  • T&K
  • We also added a cool distribution item or 2 in
    limited quantities. check the store.
    DJ KAOS will be in North America as well:
    22nd Nyc Mercer Hotel
    23rd Toronto with Jaime
    24th Nyc Von + Loft House BK in the morning
    25th San Francisco with Jacob.
    28th- 31st west coast


    nonobvious said...

    hehe i know that sample

    Michael Keeley said...

    I'm still waiting for shipment of that Spring '08 bundle, but sounds good.

    Italians Do It Better said...

    michael email me