Saturday, October 17, 2009

GLASS CANDY / DESIRE Europe Tour (with Mike on the weekends)

(Mike will be djing in Manchester on Nov 6)


john merrick said...

glass candy/desire in london: cancelled or not ??

Italians Do It Better said...

gig moved to CARGO! will sell out! get tix fast. its half the size of where the other venue (Scala had trouble with work visas so we had to move the gig)

john merrick said...
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john merrick said...
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Unknown said...

Is the Leeds gig happening...
There's virtually no information on the internet about it.
I don't know where it's happening, or where to find tickets.
Any help? I'd love to go.
Please email:

Italians Do It Better said...

LEEDS GIG: Lunar Jam and Asylum present the LIVE LEEDS DEBUTS from GLASS CANDY & DESIRE from the amazing Italians Do It Better record label on FRIDAY 6TH NOVEMBER at THE WARDROBE CLUB.
DJ Support from Andy Whittaker (Redux) & Tom Thorpe (PBR Streetgang)
Advance tickets £10
found this thread on a message board:

willem said...

No Dutch Dates? Sux. (j/k of course but I hope that maybe someday, in the not so distant future etc.)

Unknown said...

There's no mention of Glass Candy on the Wardrobe clubs website though, all they've got scheduled for 6/11 is some act called "Lazybaby"
I've contacted them, but they haven't emailed back.
It just seems strange there's so little information about the tour.

eda said...
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Unknown said...

hi jacob

i'm putting the leeds gig on and have just emailed you
tickets are available online this week


Laurence said...

What up Mike,

You gonna be playing any parties after the show at cargo?