Monday, March 02, 2009

New record of note in the Italians store


Sorry i've been away, my other record label just
released 5 records. They are all cool, check them
out. Anyway, we usually dont get this excited over
a record because we are your typical jaded American,
but when I heard this was finally released I was
quite excited. Our friends at Academy Records in
Brooklyn started a new record label for reissues
and their first release is the only release by African
funk/soul/afrobeat/psych group Ofege. They were
all high school age at the time. This record has that
special something only a group of students can
bring to the table. We here at IDIB are insane record
nerds as you may have guessed, and i actually have
the original of the Oferge lp but it is trashed beyond
belief. If you know anything about African records,
you know it is impossible to find them clean. This
reissue is crystal clear. Looks and sounds amazing.
The music is fuzzed out psych-influenced Afrobeat.
If you are a dj, it is definitely good to play out. If
you are a record collector you will be stoked that
there is a clean pressing. If you like to listen to
good music and appreciate the music for what it
is- this is definitely a good one. Pretty limited
as well... Check out samples
  • here

  • Also, we have 2 copies of the Try To Find Me
    12" left in the store on Golf Channel. Hurry up
    because they are going fast!

    And finally, the Italians Winter 2k9 party is right
    around the corner! all NYC people better come
    and represent! The party is almost sold out through
    pre-sales so hurry up and get your tickets!


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    Captain Starlight said...

    I'm looking for the record (from Europe) & apparently they don't ship it. I've sent a mail to ask them, so never mind:-)

    unclezuck said...

    Got mine really fast, thanks!