Monday, February 02, 2009

Mike is on the west coast this weekend record shopping...

and djing.i feel it necessary you all come. Plus i
am playing with Tim and i havent seen him in a
loooong time. you know, conflicting schedules
and all... and i havent seen Diplo since that night
in Philly... and Shits and Giggles plans to be deep
so if you like deepness go there.

Thurs feb 5 LA California @ dance right w/ Diplo
Fri feb 6 LA California @ shits and giggles w/ disco music
Sat feb 7 SF California @ gun club with Tim Sweeney



OBSESSED said...

the flyer for feb 6th:

Renzo said...

it's almost unbelievable that in all this, i've never seen a single date in italia? cmon man! you MUST come down to italy