Friday, January 23, 2009



hello again. this deserved a separate post. In a few days
we will have the latest IDIB 12" in the form of Bottin "No
Static". Bottin is from Venice Italy and has been flying under
the radar for a while. Our aim is to bring him into the
limelight where he belongs. He is not only a stellar producer,
but an excellent dj with an even more excellent record collection.
To prove this we offer you a mix by Bottin as well- that you can
download below. People always say ITALO this and ITALO that.
Well, here's some italo from you by a fellow Italian living in Italy.
We will make an announcement when we have these in stock for
mailorder. As always , strictly limited edition.
  • visit his website
  • sample the 12" here

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  • When Italians Did It Better Mix

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    -we will give away an IDIB item of your choice PLUS a Bottin IDIB 12"
    to the first person to get the tracks on this mix. its a tough one!
    Also i cant stress enough how awesome Benguin's mix is. If
    you havent downloaded it , do it now!!! (its below us)

    here are some hints proved by Mr Bottin. some of these
    tracks are edits so this may help...

    01. LS – CMS 1979 (Bottin edit)
    02. K - BD 1981 (Bottin edit)
    03. DZ - IMAR 1980
    04. MPI - Z 2007 (Bottin remix)
    05. S - RAU 1984
    06. G&MDA - ICDS 1979 (Bottin edit)
    07. JR - FTLA 1981 (Bottin edit)
    08. C - CE 1978 (Bottin edit)
    09. HP - DB 1979 (Bottin edit)
    10. BOTTIN - PIANETI 2008 (demo)

    in other news, johnny has been sending me art samples and rough
    track sketches for some future releases. I will tell you now that 2009
    is going to be our year. be prepared, this is just the beginning.


    iamathief said...

    perfect mix for the long january with no money
    no way on earth i would ever know one track!!

    look forward to new idib

    and jonny jewel is still the most beautiful man

    oh! those teardrops!

    BCR said...

    weird and wonderful mix... i'll never guess that traklist though.
    too tuff!

    Renzo said...

    Grande Michele..continua così!

    Forza Bottino!!

    ari d said...

    love you guys, love the mix.
    benvenuto Bottin!

    Jimonesco said...

    I've tried to figure out all the tracks on this mix. i,ve got a few but there are still i couldn get so left them out! i guess i'm messing the game a little bit but whoever finds more than me should win the contest !

    01. LS – CMS 1979 (Bottin edit)

    got no idea about what track is this. It's amazing tho. Sounds italian. i tried to figure out the lyrics and its says something like "cosa mi su cerrera"
    witch could kinda fits the tree letter hint

    02. Kasso - Brazilian Dancer 1981 (Bottin edit)
    This track was also on an other italo-disco compilation released not so long ago. jammin !

    03. David Zed - I aM A Robot 1980
    Sick stuff. Hard to find collectible on 12"

    04. Miss Plug Inn - Zodiac 2007 (Bottin remix)
    nice remix

    05. Solange - Robots Are Un-american 1984
    Super nice track. i really like the thick italian accent. Simple lyrics about robots, thats italian disco !

    06. G&MDA - ICDS 1979 (Bottin edit)
    no clue what is that

    07. Jimmy Ross - First True Love
    Affair 1981 (Bottin edit)

    08. C - CE 1978 (Bottin edit)

    09. Heather Parisi - Disco Bambina 1979 (Bottin edit)
    Wow ! Here only the groove was left so it make it very hard to know what it is.

    10. BOTTIN - PIANETI 2008 (demo)

    Tanks for the mix amazing stuff i really enjoyed !

    William Bottin said...

    well Jimonesco, good job. Let's see if someone can else can do even better, though :)

    hint hint: LS - CMS, doesn't it sound very much like a quite famous American soul song?

    Italians Do It Better said...

    im quite impressed!

    nonobvious said...

    edit of the 2nd track is the shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit

    fratello boy! said...

    thanx to bottin & simonetti 4 the music
    here's the playlist
    1 le streghe - cosa mi succedera
    2 kasso - brazilian dance
    3 David Zed - I Am A Robot
    4 Miss Plug Inn zodiac bottin remix
    5 Solange (4) Robots Are Un-American
    6 Guido & Maurizio de Angelis (aka Oliver Onions) ;)) )il cacciatore di squali 1979 - this one was the most difficult
    7 Jimmy Ross - First True Love Affair 1981 (Bottin edit)
    8 Capuano Close encounter
    9 Heather Parisi - Disco Bambina
    10. BOTTIN - PIANETI 2008 (demo)

    Il cacciatore di squali:

    cheers from italy!

    William Bottin said...

    congrats to Michele Riviera!

    strangely enough nobody pointed out that the first track is a cover version (or rather a rip-ff) of
    You Keep Me Hangin' On by The Supremes.

    William Bottin said...

    I mean this:

    Breeeze said...
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    Breeeze said...

    Вы как всегда на высоте сеньор Боттин!