Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mike's Mini Mixtape #1

Here is a "mini mixtape". a "mini mixtape" is 5 songs that you must
download and listen to in the order they are listed. the artwork
below is the cover art for your cassette. a "mini mixtape" can
be 5 songs or less. this mixtape is entitled "Slushy Sundays".
if you want to submit a mini mixtape for Italians feel free to
contact us.


  • crying
  • the man
  • bragging
  • happy
  • nyc transfer

    like the flu said...

    Enjoy this mini mixtape

    its called Boogie Woogie Moon

    Here is a link for the pic

    Check the jams out

    BWH "STOP"

    Plastic Bertrand "Stop ou Encore"

    Pino D'angio "Ma Quale Idea"

    Ray Rogers "Ya Ya"

    Circlesquare "Dancers"

    Just let me know if you want me to make you some more

    strapazzolli said...

    How can I send you my mixtape???
    There is an e-mail?? Is it going to be posted on the blog?
    Thanks, always great posts here.


    Tristes Tropiques said...

    For your mix listening pleasure:

    Afrika System - Anikana O (Zulu Mix) System - Anikana O (Zulu Mix).mp3

    Bunny Sigler - Super Duper Duper Super Man sigler - super duper duper super man.mp3

    D.C. LaRue - Confessions LaRue- Confessions.mp3

    Halik - Suplado Ka - Suplado Ka.mp3

    Roni Griffith - Voodoo Man Voodoo Man.mp3

    more at:

    -tristes trop.

    The Mattachine Machine said...

    For your pleasure:

    The Mattachine Machine’s Lavender Menace

    01. Coil: Theme from Blue I

    02. Divine: Kick Your Butt

    03. Danny Boy and the Serious Party Gods: Castro Boy (Somewhat Normal)

    04. The Cure: A Man Inside My Mouth

    05. John Maus: Rights for Gays


    The whole damn thing: