Friday, January 30, 2009

MIKE'S BIRTHDAY PARTY TONIGHT! (and february gigs)


tonight is my birthday party at Savalas in Williamsburg
Brooklyn (where babies and hipsters live in harmony-much
like my house).. anyway, feel free to come down. its free
and if its anything like last year it may be a little nuts. also
Justine D is hosting this thing. so it is pretty much a
Motherfucker reunion. all they need is the New York
Dolls to play and we're all set...

also i shall be djing in February most of the
time it seems... here is a schedule:

feb 5 LA California @ dance right
feb 6 LA California @ shits and giggles
feb 7 SF California @ gun club with Tim Sweeney

feb 13 Washington DC @ Blisspop with Holy Ghost
feb 14 making sweet love by the fire
feb 15 nyc fashion week secret event

feb 19 toronto Canada w/ Mikey Apples
feb 20 montreal Canada w/ Mikey Apples and Alex Lemieux


March 7 - NYC Italians Winter Party @ LPR with Glass
Candy, Nite Jewel, Twisted Wires and Mike Simonetti
on the wheels of steel. more info on this soon

March 15- Istanbul Turley
March 16- Greece
March 17- Berlin


Kalen said...

Nice - hope to see you all at the idib winter party!

Megalithic Rick said...

Happy belated bday!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday
can't wait to see you in Greece