Tuesday, December 16, 2008

THE CURE Peel Sessions

this just arrived in my inbox via mysterious stranger who
knows i love the Cure. These Peel Sessions are from 1978,
1980 and 1981 i believe... Some killer early stuff here that
hasn't been leaked that much. You can hear some influence
that leaked through to some Italians artists as well (hint
hint)... But when i tell people i love the Cure, i really mean
it. Maybe I'll post some Cure edits i did. I feel weird posting
edits sometimes... but anyway, enjoy!

PS: the version of Seventeen Seconds SMOKES. so good!

  • 1978

  • 1980

  • 1981

    Vikings said...

    Great stuff.

    If anybody hasn't heard the demos
    released on the recent 2-disc reissue of "Head on the Door" (fuzzy cozy very minimal 4-track stuff of Inbetween Days, Push, etc) you gotta hear it. The 4-track, no-vocal lofi anonymity of those tracks make them fit logically on a mix right after something by Cluster.

    _| said...

    fresh raw shit.
    those uk bands from the late 70s were heavily influenced by düsseldorf bands a la neu and cluster,and can from cologne and faust from wümme,berlin had nothing but bowies shadow and towers of synthesizers...

    Shawn Ryan said...

    Thanks Mike! Good listening at work.