Thursday, September 11, 2008

4 brain surgeons get together to dj next week in NYC

hi. holy shit, theres nothing like waiting on line to take off
at the runway for an hour and 10 minutes... and to top it
off, the airport lost all of my luggage including my records.
for that, i apologize Montreal, Toronto, and Chicago. But it
wasnt my fault! They wouldnt let me carry on my records. They
usually do. Because of this i was forced to play the cds i had
with me. but have no fear, when i finally got the luggage back,
the airport obliterated my record box thus rendering it useless.
(they TAPED IT TOGETHER!) Thankfully the records are all Ok.
SO i got a smaller carry on style dj bag so this never happens
again. It worked well for Brazil. Im stoked.

Oh yea, next Thursday September 18th myself and 3 other
guys i know are djing together to celebrate one of our own. Jacques
just released an edit 12" on RVNG, and this is the record release
party for it. you may know Jacques as we released what i think is
his first mix like 6 years ago? also djing is Justin Miller, another
guy who used to dj with Jacques at 205 before they shut down...
Justin is also the guy who may or nay not send you those promo
DFA 12"s..And some dude named Lovefingers. JUST KIDDING-
we had him play the Italians Do It Better PS1 party last summer.
Hes one of my favorite djs, and he is probably yours as well.
SO its just 4 guys who know each other and always dj....
Together we have a really IQ.

I have a plane to catch the next morning so i am playing
at 1am, but you should get there early as its a pretty solid
lineup obviously. Im hardly the reason to go there. The
sound system alone is worthy. Its at LOVE in NYC...

if anyone wants a guest list email me at:

hurry i only have a few spots!



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