Thursday, July 03, 2008


ok, so here is where we stand with the spring 12"s.
we shipped all of them out last week, and we gave
refunds for the TIEDYE "Nothing" 12", because it
is all gone. we tried waiting for the pressing
plant to right their wrongs and get these out, but
it wasnt happening and people were getting angry
(rightly so)... so look out for your records
coming next week or the week after that. once again
we feel TERRIBLE about this.

email me direct at
if you are not getting the orders and i will refund
you personally. this will NEVER happen again. we
learned our lesson the hard way!

AND to add insult to injury, we happen to live in
the town with the WORST post office on the planet.
    so we have a lot of things working against us!

    also, the AFTER DARK 3lps will be here in a few days and
    when we post them on the site we will have them in our
    hands so you can guarantee they will ship when you order
    them !! ! ! !

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