Wednesday, June 18, 2008

CRAZY RHYTHMS REUNION ???? this weekend?

huh? yes the rumors are true. the front
page of the NY TIMES devoted almost the
entire space to this news. its huge news
actually. myself and Dan Selzer are reuniting
for a gig with our old friends at Mighty
Robot for a reunion at one of our old haunts
from back in the early 2000's. we will be djing
this weekend together. also on the same night
is Ben Manzones party FOREAL PEOPLE on Grand Street
at the Lucky Cat a few blocks away, and ALSO
Professor Genius and DC Larue (no, really DC
LARUE) at Tribeca Grand in NYC. if you play
your cards right you can see DC and Professor
Genius, make your way to Brooklyn and stop by
Mighty Robot AND Foreal People and make it
a very special Italians night! Hope to see
you there. for Brooklyn guest list for the
party hit me up.

in case you want to learn more about Crazy
Rhythms, check to order our
mix cd from years and years ago...

210 Kent Ave @ Metropolitan in Williamsburg- 1am.



turquesa said...

Totally off topic : since some weeks I don't know why I am no longer friends with Glass Candy in their myspace... I made a new request, and I miss so much having Glass Candy in my top of friends, with the rest of the italian crew... And now GC are coming to Paris, I am going with some friends...
thanks and greetings from Paris!

Unknown said...

Sorry to say, Crazy Rhythms is SOLD OUT at RVNG.

Other retailers may still have a few copies in stock.

Italians Do It Better said...

hi very odd about that friends thing. their myspace automatically approves everyone!