Sunday, April 13, 2008


hello. sorry for the delay in getting these out. Heres the
story with these records. These will be shipping for all
mailorder customers in about two weeks. We are waiting for
them to come from the plant, but they are finished! So
order now and we will ship them when they get here! We also
added a bundle option so you can order all three records and save
money on shipping.

The three new releases (all in the Italians DO It Better
disco sleeve). We will put pictures up when they get here.

1. Invisible Conga People 12" - NY record of the year??
Serious stuff here. check it:
(first press of 1000)

2. Tiedye "Nothing" one-sided laser etched 12" (one-time
pressing of 1000 because its a Metallica cover and we dont want
Lars to get us :) )

3. The Rubies featuring Feist "I Feel Electric" 12" (Tiedye Remix)
-very limited pressing of 500 copies only. This is a spacial
one-sided release. Tiedye remix the all girl indie group Rubies. Guest
vocals is Fiest). This is limited to 500 copies for now. We are trying to
secure the rights to press more of these...


    Ben said...

    I guess this is a lame question maybe, but will these be available via digital ever?

    dann said...

    Hey Mike,

    Got my order in for the triple pack of records. The Rubies 12" has sold out everywhere in the UK. Has the triple pack sold out on TMU yet?

    Italians Do It Better said...

    the rubies is geting repressed. we got permission. a small repressing , but a repress nonetheless!