Sunday, April 20, 2008


hello. transmitting from London on approx 3 hours sleep. Last
nights show was excellent! thanks everyone for coming out
and making our maiden voyage to London very special. You
even made Ruth cry during Running Up That Hill with your
awesome response!

We added a second gig at the same venue on TUESDAY April
22nd. Go to the venue, Rough Trade or Phonica for tickets.
As of last night we were told the tickets were selling fast. If
you missed us please come out, as we are extending our stays
just for you!

ALSO, on Italians news- the 12"s are selling very fast. I popped
into Rough Trade and Phonica and they are all sold out. But fear
not- we are going to repress the Tiedye w/ Feist 12" in yet
another small edition. We werent expecting it to sell out in
minutes. If you want to secure a copy your best bet is to
order from the TMU website. This way you are guaranteed to
get one. The other Tiedye 12" is not getting repressed because
we do not want Lars Ulrich knocking down our door (even though
he started
  • record store day
    I may also be djing a few times when im out here, but to be
    honest - im too tired to think right now.. See You Next Tuesday,
    as they say....
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