Tuesday, April 29, 2008

the most comprehensive interview ever!

while i was away on tour an interview i did a while ago was finally
released (because it took me so long to get the mix together- sorry)...
the mix and interview is for the cosmic disco blog. it is by far the
ultimate interview if you really care about my life (as if!)... but
seriously, it is really long. it is safe to say i will never do an interview
this thorough again! the mix is part two of the Zed Aught Magazine
mix i did for their website a while back. (aka the Fashion Magazine mix)...
i did this mix first take- like all of the mixes i do. if its done with a
computer, it aint real!

  • get the interview here
  • download/listen to the mix here


    beta said...

    what, no love for the interviews i conducted with you guys for Spin?

    Mike Simonetti:

    Johnny Jewel:

    Unknown said...

    amazing mix mike. you need to post a PLAYLIST!

    Unknown said...

    I wish there was more about Dan Selzer in the interivew.

    -Dan Selzer

    honeyo said...

    sweet mix! we're rocking it this morning at the store meow

    Erik of KFTEB said...

    direct link for interview:


    rearviewradio said...

    great one.

    if you got time. check out our blog.


    keep releasing great tunes.

    glass candy album please (vinyl)