Monday, February 11, 2008


hello. sorry for the delay with the shirts,
but we finally have them ready to go. they
are available in either black or dark blue
shirts with metallic black ink. when
ordering state your shirt color preference,
but please be aware you may not get the
color you want, so be prepared to get black
if you order blue, or vice versa- but we will
try our hardest to fill your request!!!
we only have a small number of these and they
will probably go really fast.
  • order them HERE


    Enkidu said...

    Bellissimo !!!

    Erik of KFTEB said...

    Meraviglioso!! :D

    H&D said...
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    Bobby Calabrese (aka DJ BWYSE) said...

    I received by shirt today and to be honest I am a little disapointed. The black reflective ink on a black shirt really does not do these shirts justice. It also was a little confusing that the pics in no way represent what you are getting (colors for ink and shirt). Just some feedback. I am a huge fan and wanted to support the label. Peace

    trakman said...

    Hey Mike I just got mine today, I totally agree with dj bwyse. It seems those sample photos were taken with the camera flash enabled and don't really represent what the shirts look like sans-flash. Instead of being sparkly grey, the text is almost black...and set on a dark blue shirt makes it near impossible to see/read. I just put my shirt in the sun and it is a bit better, but still a bit disappointed! :(

    Italians Do It Better said...

    oops i deleted someones comment by accident. please repost!!!! sorry about the shirt fuckups. the idea of the shirts was black on black. it was supposed to be a low key affair, not a shiny nu-rave look! the idea was for a shirt that has a lot of text yet looks invisible at first glance! i feel terrible you are all unhappy! if you want to return the shirts for a refund email me at
    and i'll hook you up. sorry! they are pretty much sold out anyway! and
    thankfully everyone else seemed to love them!